Wigs –To Cover Hair Loss Post Chemo Therapy

Cancer can be a life threatening disease. Especially, in women who are dealing with breast cancer, the disease makes unwanted changes which are weird as well as disheartening. This lead to need of a treatment called “Chemo therapy” which is a course that is offered to the patients suffering from any type of cancer.

What happens in Chemo Therapy?

During Chemo therapy treatment, the cancer cells are targeted and their growth is checked. Now as the cell division is maximum in the head (beneath the hair root) the process results in hair loss and hair fall which can be slow and even, or swift and weird. Post the chemo therapy the patients may find clumps in their hairbrush or handfuls on pillow, in the tub drains etc. This dramatic hair loss is not just shocking but depressing, and the patient needs a lot of support during this time.

Also, hair loss lowers one’s self esteem making them feel unwanted, unloved and worthless. The sufferer feels like a matter of fun and self conscious. This is the time when they should opt for something worthy which can help them deal with the loss of self confidence and also the fear of being laughed at.

Can Wigs Help?

Many patients seek for natural hair wigs as the solution for hair loss which is almost impossible to be recouped with medication or hair care products. Many leading stores and shops both online and off are dedicated for making of the natural hair wigs for the cancer sufferers which are already dealing with an intimidating ailment and now hair loss has left them good for nothing!

Wigs can amazingly cover the scalp, hide hair loss and offer great aid to the people post chemo therapy. The market showcases different types and sizes of the wigs so as to suit every different personality and choice. The victims may find Full thin skin wigs , 360 band lace frontals, Virgin natural hair wig and Silk top full lace wigs etc.

Extra Tip:

In case if you are not a wig lover or don’t find it a great idea to don a wig after chemo; you can try shorter hair styles which would help you feel fine. You should go for shorter lengths because short hairs don’t lie flat against your head and thus look thicker and fuller. Also, you can try wigs sooner or later –whenever you want.

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