Why You’re Experiencing Dryness With Your Hair Extensions

Have you experienced the problem of dryness with your hair extensions? At first, your bundles and or hair extensions feels amazing when first received and you’ve installed the hair, however after shampooing and drying you now have dull lack luster hair and tangling after washing?


Here’s several causes for dryness to your hair extensions :

1. Seriously damaged raw materials: the moisture, nutrition and cuticles are damaged and lost . You purchased the wrong grade in hair.

2. Over-processing: in order to make the hair product seems more silky when selling, some manufacturer often uses excessive chemical treatment, thus greatly damaged the hair, this will lead to hair drying, and having a shorter hair lifespan. Overall an awful experience.

But having a greater understanding of  the grade of hair is a wiser approach with what your initial intended styling preference.

When coloring your bundle hair extensions from natural color to lighter colors (based on our hair color chart below). We highly recommend when choosing colors like #613, #60 ,#24, #22 – choose virgin human hair grades 9a or 10a going forward. (As depicted below)

hair color chart

When purchasing extensions that are color treated or  bleached – you should never re-dye/ bleach over these hairs. You will tarnish the hair follicles. Ask for a natural hair color when purchasing to have a professional colorist – color your bundles or lace wigs.

Any professional stylist will tell you there is a certain gradual approach to changing your hair color over a period of time . It’s never safe to go from jet black to a bleach blonde in one color session or vice versa.

3.One of the main culprits Improper buyer after care: Quality Hair is not cheap so one must take regular care of their wigs and hair pieces. When using unprofessional shampoos and other hair products, most will face the accelerated dryness . Consumers tend to put any hair care product before first consulting a professional. This  is where they fall short and experience dryness , shedding and other horrific affects to their hair piece. If you are not versed in coloring please seek a licensed professional first. Rule of thumb- if you would never put  certain products on your  own natural growing hair “never put it on your bundles, Lace wigs or other hair pieces yourself.

If the hair extensions are already color  treated – use hair products to revive moister and caters to the longevity of the color treated weave. Staying away from tea tree oils products.

4. Excessive Heat Styling on Your Hair pieces : Once again if you wouldn’t do it to your natural hair , your well invested hair extensions should be cared for in the same mannerism as your natural growing locks.

Always go to a professional hair stylist to color and properly maintain your hair pieces- if you are not able to do on your own, to gain the best end results.

Here’s a few key factors to better alleviate the dryness to your hair extensions you may be experiencing:


1. Select High quality 100% real human virgin hair grade 8A and higher, grades 9a hair and higher can be bleached to #613 (bleached blonde hair color) or #60, and  also can reused many times after dyed. With proper maintenance.
With proper care, your real virgin human hair can be used for a lifespan of 1-2 years or more. After you’ve worn  for  a period of time. Indian Remy Human Hairs can be colored up to #27 based on our color chart.

Virgin Human Hair - 4x4 Inches TToned Lace Closure and Layered Bundle Hair

2. Sulfate Free shampoos – are the way to go!

Sulfate-free shampoos are typically more gentler than normal shampoos. As the name suggests, sulfate-free shampoos are formulated without sulfates – or the detergent that  looks like lathery foam. Mostly seen on commercials.
Sulfates do a good job at cleaning the hair, but it also strips the hair of everything that is good, which includes the natural sebum secreted by your scalp.
Sulfates create the perfect environment for excessive dryness to occur, which is something that you do not want to happen to your hair extensions

3. All Tea-Tree Oils are not created equal for every hair type! Stay away from Tea Tree Oils as this type of oil is mostly garnered for excessively oily hair, which will suck the moister out of your hair piece or lace wig.
Choose a moisturizer that doesn’t contain mineral oils or to put it another way; choose a moisture that contains vegetable or nut oils like coconut oil, argan oil and almond oil .

4. Always Use A  Deep Conditioner-  To lock in the moister ! Deep condition your hair pieces and lace wigs every 2 weeks, if you have an exercise routine you may want to opt to every week from the over time perspiration and environmental build up.

5. Use Serums for a little shine – use a light serum for adding shine like Mizani Spradiance, once a week. A very small amount especially towards the tips of the hair. Also great if you want to use a flat-iron to straighten your extensions.

6. Lastly , Always ask questions ahead of purchasing to ensure you are getting the right products for your styling needs.


brazilian virgin hair 613 loose wave 100g machine weft

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