Why Most Gravitate To Curly Hair Texture Lace Wigs?

Why Most Gravitate To Curly Hair Texture Lace Wigs?

Most wig wearing individuals will gravitate to the easygoing coils of an authentic natural appealing curly hair textures in lace front wigs , 360 Frontal Lace Wigs and Silk Top Full Lace Wigs alike due to the texture ease in restyling. Not to mention the simplicity  kind of “shake and go “ process of these kinds of curl patterns from Afro Kinky Curly , Deep Curly, Deep Wave hair textures just to name a few in shoppers favorites like Glueless full lace wigs and other lace wigs.
When aiming for the coveted Bohemian style Afro puff hairstyles then an Afro comb/Afro pick comb is better than using a traditional wire bristle brush. Even bold deep curly hair textures in the favorable 13×6 lace Front Wigs


Deep Curly Virgin Human Hair 13x6 Inches Lace Front Wig

Though these stylish textures are favorable proper treatment and essential maintenance is key in keeping these units or even virgin human hair bundles.

Recommended Styling Tools For Curly Hair Texture For lace wigs :

1. Bonnets and silk pillow case ( overnight care)
2. Moisture rich Shampoos and deep conditioners
3. Olive oil Serum
4. Once a month Protein treatment
5. Finger combing – Avoid utilizing narrow tooth combs or brushing tight curls or kinky curly hairs.

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair -Tight Curls- 360 Frontal Wig

For Bundle Hair Extensions / Lace Closures /360 Lace Frontals

1. Silk pillow case
2. Moisture Rich Deep Conditioner
3. Avoiding harsh heat styling products
4. Flex-Rods Styling Tools
5. Finger Teasing – avoid combing tight curls and kinky curly hair textures


Proper Hair Care Tips for combing Afro hair Extensions / Bundles

1. De-tangle with fingers first, always start at the ends of the hair and work upwards .
2. During Deep Conditioning Treatment – Use a wide tooth comb and start combing at the ends of the hair, working upwards .
3. Always comb your hair gently, avoid straining or tugging the hair as this causes shedding and distortion of the Afro texture.


Choosing Natural Hair Texture Lace Wigs and Hair Extensions


Every Human hair extensions and or Lace Front Wigs needs adequate moisture this is one of the key elements to sustaining longevity by keeping them in good condition and preventing the hair from becoming brittle, dry or having split ends due to lack of moisture rich hair care products. Especially during colder seasons.

Irma - Kinky Curly - Brazilian Virgin Hair - Lace Front Wig

All human hair bundles and other hair pieces needs the proper moisture in order to maintain it’s elasticity and prevent the hairs from forming split ends or breaking. Since the growth of these hairs are no longer received the essential oils on scalp provided on a daily basis. Utilizing hair textures targeted hair care products to maintain coils luster and bounce.


Each hair weave or virgin human hair lace wig connoisseur will bear in mind the proper effective hair care regimen for their human hair pieces or wigs is just the same regimen taken towards their own growing hair.

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