Why Choose Layered Bundle Weft Hair Extensions

Layered Bundle Weft Hair Extensions

Why Choose Layered Bundle Weft Hair Extensions

The perfect method for mixing hair extensions with match Lace Closures , 360 Frontals and or 13×6 Lace Frontals with matching bundles wefts prearranged in either two ,three or four different lengths will make an enormous contrast to any preconceived hairstyle. Choosing a Layered Machine Weft Bundle Kit, gives hairdressers more versatility to style a clients hair with even less considerable time in the salon chair.

Going from short less defined hair lengths to thick, and long hair overnight. The best thing is that you even don’t need much bundles these days when you are purchasing 100 grams per bundle weft – Its a wise consumer advisory to inquire firstly, that your bundles are double wefts and ensure you are buying precise amount of grams per bundle.

Broadly popular with younger women – the double weft  hair bundles are sewn directly on neatly braided natural hair followed by using a weaving net as a secure method to protecting ones natural hair and for faster sewing installations of the wefts.

Why Double Wefts?

– Double wefts are better quality and they give both body and securely sealed bundles. These type of weft hair extensions has an exceptionally longer lifespan.

Benefits Of Purchasing Layered Bundles Hair Extensions :

1. Pre- packaged in various hair lengths ( most starting at 12,14,16 inches)
2. You can pre select the hair texture of your desired hairstyle
3. Optional hair color selection per wefts (mostly upon personal request)- to purchase bundle wefts in different hair colors for each length.
4. Price advantage- better investment rather purchasing separately- getting bundles kits they are a wiser choice.
5. Less time consumption at the salon- less trimming and styling when selecting these types of bundle weft hair extension kits.
6. Purchasing a bundle kit – pre packaged with closures and or silk base 360 frontal. To get the complete look you desire at a better price point.

Natural Wave - Raw Indian Human Hair Layered Bundles

Here are a few things anyone looking to have hair extension should know about it;
The extensions that are added later look so natural that it is impossible to tell them differently from the original ones.

Hair Texture Choice:

For the penny pinching savvy shoppers, hair texture decision choice is a option to consider. You can get away with less wefts  by choosing these textures kinky curly, romance curls, body curls which can be teased after styling to achieve a beautiful and bouncy look or kinky textures. The body/density of these curl patterns will make your hair look full, even with less wefts sewn in.

Hair texture stretch– industrial talk for the extra length on any given wavy or curly hair wefts or wig will give once straighten with hair styling tools such as a flat-iron. Most will give 1.5-2” of “stretch”. When purchasing curly or wavy patterns – knowing where it will fall based on a standard hair texture chart (displayed below).

Hair length chart


– Choosing The Ultimate Hair Ethnicity / Hair Type:

In the hair market, theirs a vast type of hair origins based on the donors ethnicity.

From the widely popular Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and as well Indian hairs. There will be several questions one must derive before purchasing based on hair origin.

When going for thickness – Brazilian, Peruvian, Cambodian and Mongolian hairs fair well in thickness.
For a more refine sleeker desired hair type- Malaysian hair and Indian virgin human hairs will be ones natural selection.

If ones decision is to bleach or ombré any hair – based on origin type it’s a better conscious investment to purchase Brazilian, European and or Cambodian hairs in hair grades 8a or higher for the ultimate lifespan in these wefts bundle hair extensions. When selecting hair colors ranging from #613, #60, #22 and #24. You will choose these hair types to have a longer lifespan and vibrant hair colors in the bleached blonde variation of hues.

hair color chart

Pretty much these are all the variants one must consider when purchasing layered bundle kits – hair extensions. To make over your fine thinning natural hair and come out the salon chair with flowing luxurious alluring hair.

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