Where Should Your Bob Lace Wig Actually Fall ?

Bob styled hair cuts has been immortalized for generations. Started from the earlier days of Vidal Sassoon era.
Women have worn this easy light weight hair style with bangs , without bangs and various asymmetrical cuts.
This legendary hairstyle has made waves with lace front wigs lovers especially during the Summer months, even a trendy go to style for women on the go with increasingly busier schedules to maintain longer length lace wigs.

Bob lace wigs are now the most consumer demanded lace wig during Spring and Summer seasons , not only due to it’s chic cut but also with less time constraints on styling. Once a lace wig wearer has this beautiful bob cut lace wig installed it’s easy to wrap the wig and tie your head with a silk scarf or use clips to hold the wrapped wig in place then wear a bonnet for protection, while you sleep or on a lazy day lounging at home.

Once you pull down the wrapped bob lace wig you can easily utilize a flat iron or 2” barrel hot curling iron to bump the ends of your bob wig and go.


Brazilian Virgin Human Hair -Bob Cut - 360 Frontal Wig

What Length of Bob Lace Front Wig Should You Wear?

Most bob lace wigs , starts at 8 inches to 16 inches . Depending on one’s stature and facial structure. But how much length of hair your ultimately desire is easy to conclude.

Jhene Wavy Bob Styled Brazilian Hair Lace Front Wig

A quick hair-hack towards finding the preferential length take a measuring tape placing from your crown( middle of your head) allow the tape to fall – placing your thumb by the desired section of either your chin or neck where you’d like the wig to fall will be the hair length you select when shopping for your bob lace wig. Now keep in mind that this is for straight-hair textures. If you desire curly textures you will have to be aware that most curly textures have at least a stretch of approximately 1.5”- 2” .

That means if you want 14 inches curly bob lace wig you are actually gaining a longer wig, if you chose to straighten the unit.

Evette - 12 Inches - Custom Bob Styled Brazilian Virgin Hair- Silk Base Lace Front Wig

Take a look at the length chart below for a better understanding on the hair lengths you will receive when selecting curly or wavy texture bob lace wigs.

In addition to the main factor that everyone’s facial structure differs from the next.

Caring for Bob Cut Lace Wigs

No matter the style, cut or texture moisture is holy grail for your hair.

Excessive heat styling tools are a “no go”. Limiting the usage of these hot irons on your wigs or weaves will have a longer lifespan . Opt to “no heat” curling with flex-rods after using a heat styling tool to keep the curl structure until you are ready to re-style.

Over brushing in a harsh manner will pull and tarnish your wigs

Wrapping your bob lace wig will keep its sleek refined look for a longer time. Utilizing pins and silk scarfs to hold the wrapped lace wig or wrap your bob wig and use a bonnet at night.

After washing your bob lace wig , place on a mannequin head to drip dry.
You can also utilize leave in treatment sprays like Aphogee pro-vitamin leave in conditioner. This improves body , shine and the over-all health of your bob cut Lace front or bob styled full lace wigs .

Why Choose Bob Cut Lace Wigs ?

1. Ease of styling
2. Light weight
3. Fashionable appealing look
4. Sometimes you just need a chic cut without the long commitment from cutting your own growing hair and waiting months to years for adequate re-growth if at all.
5. Hair lengths -available in very short hair lengths from 8 inches to 16 inches .

Bob Lace Wig Styles & Lengths

The new terminology for hair lengths going 14 inches -16 inches with bob cuts are called “lob (bob cut)”- long bob cut.

Bob cut lace wigs are commonly seen in asymmetrical cuts , ombré (two toned) hair colors and with the eclectic vibrant hues like bright pinks and reds for younger women to expressively make a bold statement with these vibrant hues. Moreover conservative women will lean towards more natural looking tones, with blunt cut hand-tied bangs.


Grier Bob Styled With Hand-tied Bang Brazilian Hair Lace Front Wig

While wavy texture bob lace wigs are the summer season favorites, with an easy – “shake and go” styling option overtime you will require the needed consumptive time to restyle has with any human hair wig or weave (bundles). Restyling will be a requisite to these and any wavy textures wig or hair extensions. So if one is seeking an ease with hair styling it would be easier to consider a straight texture lace front bob style wig. If as most women do – have a change of mind in texture , utilize a 1.5” -2” barrel curling iron or use a 1” flat iron to quick add waves or a quick flip curl to your straight Textured bob wig.

With so many choices and hues of bob cut wigs to choose, you can always have a sure fire way to alter your ego with lace wigs to jazz up your personality and style.

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