What’s Better : A Lace Frontal or 360 Frontal Wig?

What’s Better : A Lace Frontal or 360 Frontal Wig?

With the huge emotional connection to beautiful hair, and with the vast amount of options to choose from in the hair market one will feel somewhat confused  on the deciding factors of hair extensions or wigs. However this option should solely be based on the individuals comfort level , understanding of the restyling limitation of lace wigs or closure lace frontal or lace top closure pieces. Even more so, with the consumer favorites in hair extension and lace wigs due to social media influences, which may lead one down a road on more confusion on choosing between a lace frontal with matching bundles hair extensions verses choosing the all-in-one option of the 360 Frontal Wigs all depends on the wearers requirements to have the freedom and ease to re-style .

What is a Lace Frontal?

Lace Frontals are basically a hair piece closure unit , which the wearer will cover exposed sewn-in bundle weft hair extensions for a seamless appearance of already installed extensions . Lace Frontals are made by intricately  hand-tying and double knotting techniques. With either Premium Virgin Human Hairs or Remy Human Hair preferably from one donor on a french or Swiss Lace material. Sized at either a 13×4 inches or 13×6 inches and other customized base sizes can be purchased upon request.
These base sizes are determined either by a hairstylist or the individual versed in the amount of bundles required for the desired hairdo. These hair pieces are highly coveted by young women with many tutorials on how to install seen on various social media outlets and on YouTube.

How many bundles do you really need?

To come to a complete conclusion on how many bundles does one really require is simply based on the end results the individual wants with any given hairdo.
From how thick or dense of a hairstyle, to the individuals facial structure.

Grade 6A Virgin Hair- Loose Wave - 110G Machine Weft

This will have to do with several options
1. Hair texture ( Afro curly , deep curly or straight hair ) with curly textures less bundles are required
2. Will there be any “ leave-out “ and how much will be left out, of the individual natural growing hair? If so , based on the desired hair length one may only need 2 bundles especially if the bundles are double stitched.

How many bundles do you really need for a lace frontal ?

Lace Frontal hair pieces are made for seamless closure appearance with matching bundle hair extensions and hair texture .
It not only gives a natural hairline but it allows the individual wearer a 13 inches by 4 inches or 6 inches ( depending on personal choice) the window to restyle by parting within the given perimeters of either 13×4 inches , 13x6inches or other custom sizing lace frontal hair pieces.

13x4 Inches- Kinky Curly-Lace Frontal and 200g Machine Weft Bundle

What’s a 360 Frontal Wig?

360 Frontal Wigs has gained tremendous raved reviews since its inception in 2016, it was a concept of adding the already popular 360 Band Lace Frontal by adding wefts in the center opening portion of the 360 band lace frontal that would require the wearer to purchase additional bundles to close off the 360 frontal piece.

Ombre' Handtied Bang -Brazilian Virgin Human Hair - 360 Frontal Wig

360 band lace frontals makes it easy to install your bundle wefts all the while achieving a full natural pre-plucked hairline with baby hairs going around the entire circumference of your styled lace frontal in less time.

Virgin Human Hair -Body Wave 360 Frontal with 2 Bundles

With these amazing 360 Band Lace Frontals evolutionary expansions then came a better option with hidden knots and a realistic looking scalp in the Silk Base 360 Lace Frontals has a new advanced styling option to place their units in a high ponytail with-out the worry of the wefts being exposed .

These silk base 360 lace frontals are made with the highest quality virgin human hairs in the market boasting a 4×4 inch silk top with hidden knots leaving a realistic scalp with full natural hairline around the entire circumference of your styled lace frontal in less time. You will still require wefts matching the hair texture to complete your look

The all-in-one 360 Frontal wig cap construction features a 22x4x2 inches of a breathable wig cap, with four intricately place combs and at the nape of the wig adjustable straps to enable a more secure fit for the wig wearer.

Benefits of Wearing Standard Lace Frontal

1. Simple ease of restyling in the perimeters of 13×4” or other available frontal base size.
2. Natural hairline appearance.
3. Baby hair along the frontal hairline area.
4. Available to purchase with matching hair texture bundle wefts
5. Allows none exposure for installed bundle wefts.
6. Available in silk base which gives a realistic scalp for even more undetectable wear
7. Covers simple hairline thinning

Benefits of Wearing a 360 Frontal Wig

1. Restyling Ease
2. High ponytail capabilities
3. Undetectable Natural hairline
4. Snug secure fitting with adjustable straps and combs
5. Well ventilated wig cap craftsmanship
6. Baby hairs along the entire perimeter
7. Available hair densities from 125% -180% ( able to go from to conservative appearance to very glam style)
8. Soft Swiss material
9. Optional protective hair-styling – able to treat natural hair.


With either choice once properly installed one will come away with a beautifully coiffed hairstyle and greater confidence.

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