Using Clarifying Shampoos On Colored Human Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs

Using Clarifying Shampoos On Colored Human Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs

Clarifying shampoos are also referred as deep-cleansing shampoos or purifying shampoos . It’s core purpose is to remove all those suborn lingering substances found in hair styling products like: hair oils ,serums and any other hair products used during styling even shampoo and conditioner residues .
With it’s design to remove hard to rid “build-up” in your hair extensions or human hair lace wigs due to excessive use of hair styling products and other environmental residues . Clarifying Shampoos are best to only be utilized on rear occasions. As frequent use of these products will lead to faded hair color to your “color-treated”  lace wigs and hair extensions.

It always recommended to utilize shampoos garnered for “color-treated hair”, that contains moisture rich ingredients- you still want to have luxurious hair pieces and wigs. Even after going swimming, which we highly recommend to wash out chlorine in ANY hair pieces or lace wigs to keep the longevity and integrity of your wigs and hair extensions removing any trace of left behind deposits.


– Designed to remove salts (perspiration) and chlorine.
– Clarifying shampoos contain more cleaning agents (surfactants) than ordinary shampoos
– Removes hair mousse, serums / oils , hair gel, thickening products , silicone and waxes or any other residues that can’t be removed by regular shampoos.
– Another beneficial factor with clarifying shampoos they can be used on “color-treated” human hair extensions and other human hair lace front wigs and full lace wigs.
– Removes deposits from non sulfate free conditioners.
– Thoroughly cleans hair

Best Time To use Clarifying Shampoos

– After using heavy styling products like gels, mousse
– Swimming or any intense activities that induces perspiration
– After dying hairs


In these instances it may be better to choose a sulfate free clarifying shampoo on your hair extensions or lace wigs.

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