Use Hair Extensions To Transform Any Look

Hair Extensions are exceptional products to quickly add volume and length to the hair, concealing the shortcomings of the original hair on the scalp such as thin growth or short length. These are available as clip in extensionsone piece hair extensions that could be worn directly as a cap or as tape hair extensions that could be stuck to the parting. The broadly popular double weft  hair bundles are also a staple for young women who will sew these wefts directly on their neatly braided natural hair by itself or using a weaving net as an alternative and secure way to protecting their own natural growing locks.

Malaysian Virgin Human Hair - Water Wave -Layered Bundle Hair

These are DIY (do it yourself) applications that you can implement yourself and get the desired hair length in a few minutes.
Like the hair wigs, these are available in human hair as well as synthetic hair, the former one being more expensive than the latter one.
The hair extensions have various hair textures such as straight, curls, waves, braids etc., providing a wide range of choices for you.

With a wide selection of hair colors from – black, brown, golden, crimson red, pink, blue, etc. and few of them have the capability of being colored as well.
They have a good life span depending upon the care that is offered to them. They can easily last for 12 to 24 months, without any wear and tear, based on the proper maintenance of your wefts and closures.
The hair extensions can be shredded as in to give a proper shape of the hair cut as and when desired so that they do not go wild.

Many question with the quantity of bundle hair extensions required for styling, h as to how many bundles do they really need to do a proper transformation look to any style . Each styling option is truly based  solely upon the consumers needs and comfort level. Irregardless, of the stylist or friends chiming in on the end result. Each bundle(1 pack)of hair should equal to 4 ounces or 100 grams per bundle and should be double weft for durability and less shedding.


Tape-in Hair / Skin Wefts

Thin Skin Hair Extensions are hand-knotted on very thin polyurethane coating. Each Thin Skin Hair Extensions can be easily applied and removed from the head, each weft can be cut to a suitable size according to your needs. All are made of 100% Remy / Virgin Human Hair. Made in a variety of hues and piano highlighted color schemes to achieve any vibrant hair style instantly. These tape hair adds volume and boost color with seamless installation.


Braid-In Bundles

The “braid-in bundles”, these new machine wefts come with an added bounce for the weave wearers who are looking for an alternative from the routine sewn-in and glue-in techniques. We are taking the strain and stress off your own hair. we’ve added extra hair approximately 6 inches of hair to braid the weft directly to your own hair in an interlocking technique without the need for threads, glues or clips , similar to box braiding. This is amazing for stylist who are looking for new advancing in hair extensions.
Braid-In bundles offer you a secure hold without the use of glue or thread. A full head installation can be completed in 1 easy step. The bundles are braided directly into your natural hair without the time consuming steps of braiding your own hair and then going back to install row by row of weft.


Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be made in 7pcs, 8pcs, 10pcs  and 14pcs which are the markets highly demanded required pieces. Each hair extensions are one directional cuticle hair extensions,tangle free and shed free full body from root to tip with no split ends. Lifespan with proper care is more  than 18 months.

Whenever you want to enhance your look without wearing a lace wig, the next best option is clip-in hair extensions,  they’re ideal for adding length, spicing up your style with some contrasting color and giving you some volume.

With just a few clicks and snaps of a clip-in hair piece you’ve immediately transformed your look, by instantly adding color, volume and length.
The great advantage about clip on or clip-in hair extensions “as they are popularly known in the market”, is that you can buy them in virtually any color, texture, density as well as length. From remy/virgin human hair to heat safe synthetic hair.
So whether it’s to enhance your hair length or add a change in hair color by adding a one piece or few pieces of clip-in hair extension to simply give your hair style a fuller look with additional extensions that match your own hair then clip in hair extensions are the way to go.

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