To Lace Wig or Bundle Hair Extension During Summer

To Lace Wig or Bundle Hair Extension During Summer

During Summer months most if not every hair weave fashionista wants the ease to style their hair in any preconceived desired  trend from up-dos, half up -half down styles, fish tail braids. Many question their capabilities to do such trendy hair styles with either a lace wig or going with bundles and end up questioning the styling versatility of either  Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs or go with Bundle Weft Hair Extensions.

Hair textures are the key to saving on the exhaustion of restyling in warmer weathers , from beachy waves , kinky coils, the classic body wave. Going shorter in hair length, like the stylish Bob Lace Front Wigs during warmer weathers,

Wearing Bundle Hair Extensions, can give any hair weave enthusiast:

  1.  Versatility with layered bundles– where a weave enthusiast can dye or bleach to add contrast and dimension to their desired look.
  2. Wearing bundle wefts gives protective hair- styling option. By braiding your natural growing hair thereafter sewing weft bundle hair extension onto your natural braided hair over a weaving net that is highly recommended to utilize, after braiding your own hair then place the weaving net for protection on top of your braided hair . Followed by sewing the weft bundles onto the net. Weaving nets are great for protecting one’s natural braided hair from excessive build up due to over use of  hair styling products and from the occasional tugging of your natural hair from the wefts being sewn directly on the braided hair instead of the weaving net which acts a protective layer between the wefts and one’s natural growing hair. Weaving nets allows the individuals scalp to breath. Giving proper circulation to your installation of bundle hair extensions.

To Lace Wig or Bundle Hair Extension During Summer

3. Just like it’s counter-part lace wigs,  bundle hair extensions are available in a variety of hair textures to suit your styling needs.

Benefits of wearing Bundle Hair Extensions :

  1. Aides re-growth process through braiding your natural hair
  2. Can be a good  protective- hair styling solution
  3. Creative capability to purchase in layered bundles – that are pre- packaged in 3 tier hair lengths ( 12.14, 16 inches). Some will be packaged with either 360 Band Lace Frontals , 13×4″ Lace Frontals or Silk base or normal lace top closure


Disadvantages of wearing Bundle Hair Extensions:

  1. Limitations on hair styling parting capabilities; unlike the freestyle parting full lace wigs where parting ventilation option is limit-less.
  2. Possibility of exposing wefts
  3. If not wearing a weaving net prior to sewing the bundles your scalp will not gain the required circulation, leading to excessive itching especially from weaving threads , poorly treated (greased / oiled) scalp prior to installation and other residue from hair styling products applied to wefts that fester on your scalp.

Full Lace Wigs

An individual can wear full lace wigs in any desired hair style, going from straight to wavy with the utilization of hot curling irons , flex rods, twisting the hair overnight and pulling out the next day for a completely new look as mentioned prior , full lace wigs gives a wearer many advantages and some disadvantages if you are allergic to wig glues and tapes. But with the increase improvements on full lace wig cap construction, one can gain beautiful head of hair by requesting combs and adjustable straps to be placed inside the wig cap upon purchasing. These lace wigs are commonly requested due to in most parts of its comfortable and breathable fine material that blends into the skin with premium quality invisible Swiss lace material that creates a flawless and invisible hairline, that’s highly undetectable to the outside world.

Jessica - Deep Wave- Full Lace Wig


Benefits of Wearing Full Lace Wigs:

  1. Wearing in the trendy fashionable high bun hair styles
  2. Freestyle parting of you full lace wig- which gives you endless styling options once adhered properly.
  3. The capability of Choosing The Right Wig Lace Color For The Ultimate Undetectable Wear
  4. Full lace wigs are available in silk top, glue-less  wig cap constructions – that gives wig wearers several options that suits their personal requirements from  fit, comfort and versatility.
  5. Choice of selecting hair density from 125-200% for a fuller look with one wig.



Rebel - 20 Inches - Brazilian Virgin Hair - Tight Curl 10mm - Silk Top Glue-less Full Wig

Disadvantages of Wearing Full Lace Wigs During Summer Season:

  1. Cleansing your own hair and wig increases due to the warmer weather, constant build up from hair-styling products.
  2. Increase humidity will lead to frequent restyling curly or wavy hair textured full lace wig.
  3. Finding the right lace wig glue that works well with your chemistry and holds for a great extended period.


The process of choosing whether to go with bundles or a lace wig will only be based on the consumers final hairstyle and comfort level.

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