Thin Skin Hair Extension

What is Thin Skin Hair Extension?

Skin Hair Extension or Thin Skin Hair Extension is a strip of handmade hair extension on a thin polyurethane base, that you can tape on to your own hair without damaging your hair. You can create a fuller and longer look in an instant.PROD IMAGE THIN SKIN WEFT

The thin skin hair extension, lays flatter than any other form of extensions without pulling a lot of tension on your own hair. It is very easy to apply and remove.

Your hair must be clean of any oils and other residue on the hair or it may cause slipping of the hair. If a customer is on medication and/or experiencing menopause, we cannot guarantee that the “skin hair extension” will not slip or stay intact.


It is highly recommended to use oil-free shampoos and conditioners since the oil based products can loosen the skin extensions. After washing the hair, the skin extension must be completely dry. Skin Extensions can be cut to a smaller width with required careful cutting.


How to wear tape hair extension?

1. Brush your hair, pick up a layer of hair
2. Put the hair piece at 3 or 4 mm to the end of your hair
3. Paste the tape to your hair stable
4. Take another hair piece, a-line them
5. Make sure the two pieces not shedding
6. Brush your hair and hair pieces

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