The Different Wig Cap Styles Of Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs otherwise known as “Front Lace Wigs” has gained popularity through mainstream media and celebrities posting images through magazines publications, social media and other avenues of media. These lace wigs are ideally the best “go-to” quick hair-styling option. By simply braiding in either circular style or fine cornrow braiding techniques to other intricate braiding techniques of your natural hair to achieve the best undetectable installation of these unique lace front wig. Many consumers of this popularly demanded hair piece/wig are not knowledgeably aware of the different wig cap style, either base on either comfort level or special request by an individual based on the required hair-style. Most lace wig wearers based their purchasing on either family  or  close friends and even some  social media persuasion .

In this vastly growing market of lace wigs there are several kinds of lace front wigs cap constructions, however the most popular lace front wigs cap constructions are the : Silk Base Lace Front Wig , Standard Lace Front Wig boasting 13×3.5″ lace material and machine made weft backing , Lace Front Wig with lace at the nape Cap boasting lace material at the front with an elasticated cap with machine made weft with an added bonus of an additional lace material at the nape for mid- ponytail hairstyles.

Here’s a little in-depth guide towards purchasing the ideal lace front wig based on

The Different Wig Cap Styles Of Lace Front Wigs

Firstly, most if not all lace front wigs are made from Swiss lace material which we at Lace Frenzy Wigs carry in our on-line store. The Swiss lace material is highly recommended base on the highest unpredictability of wear and comfort level on the skin as other lace materials such as French lace material can be very harsh on sensitive skin.

Lace front/front lace – means that the lace in the wig is located only at the front of the wig and is usually a few inches in depth. The rest of the wig will have a different cap construction such as wefts, or a stretch material with sewn on double stitched machine wefts. A lace wig can be either a full lace wig where the entire cap is made entirely of lace with stretch panel material in for high ponytail or up-dos, a lace front wig where the front and sides are made of lace but the rest of the cap is wefts or other material.

The few inches (13 inches x 2.5 inches) of lace at the front and sides, allows for the wearer to part the hair in any direction and maintain an undetectable natural hairline. This means that the lace front wig is made to  be worn either off the face in a ponytail without anyone realizing it’s actually a wig.


Comparable to the  silk top full lace and or silk top glueless lace wigs; the silk base lace front wig cap combs with three combs inside the cap and adjustable straps. Made of fine and soft Swiss lace material measuring approximately 13.5×5 inches going across. Included the hidden knots with silk base material giving the illusion of a realistic scalp.

Rohailey - Indian Remy Hair - Loose Wave- Silk Top Lace Front Wig

These silk base or silk top lace front wigs comes with an additional perk in comparison to the traditional wig cap style of a lace front wig, there is addition lace material at the nape of these silk base lace front wigs, which gives you the option of styling in up-dos once properly installed. Great, for an individual who’s less experienced with  lace wigs but aren’t fully ready to jump into the commitment of a full lace wig or other wig cap styles. What’s an added bonus most if not all silk base materials can be tinted upon request to compliment a consumers complexion, this is the ideal option with the greatest hidden secret in lace wigs a beautiful silk base or realistic scalp.


These Silk base / silk top lace front wigs caps are designed by Hand for Highest Quality. They’re hand-tied and double knotted so durable and less shedding With a Fine 4×4 inches Silk Base which is used to cover the knots on top area.



This front lace wig cap design is commonly found on Heat Safe Lace Front boasting  bold hues and Indian Remy Hair Lace Front Wigs. The main characteristics is the breath-ability of this kind of lace front cap are the machine made wefts, allowing the wig wearer even more ventilation to the scalp. Also a good choose when you are a newbie to lace wigs over-all.

Alliyah - Water Wavy - Lace Front Wig


  •  Approximately 13 x 2.5 inches of Swiss lace material at the front of the unit – going from widow’s peak (from hair line to crown).
  • Baby hairs at the front Only – as this cap doesn’t boast a lace material at the nape
  •  3-4 Combs inside the lace wig cap for secure fit
  • Adjustable Straps located a the nape – which help a wig wearer feel more secure wearing this cap style of wig. FYI: to avoid that awful bump at the nape never criss- cross your adjustable  straps  You should carry each strap to the desired level of snug fit towards the eyelet, each hook should meet on separate eyelets or loop.





This lace front wig cap design – is great option for the lace front wearers who like the option to have their units in a mid-ponytail hair style . This lace front wig cap  boast several great features four (4) combs , adjustable straps , soft Swiss lace and a super elasticated cap as well its designed with an additional 2 inches of Swiss lace at the nape( in the back).

Tory - Wavy - Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Which gives you a wider styling option to your lace wig. With this elasticated cap design there is also the option to sew additional wefts – to this type of cap easily. This cap style is currently available for our in stock silk top lace fronts. Made with only , human hairs from the popularly demanded Brazilian Virgin Hairs – Indian Remy Human Hairs in several ranges of hair lengths, lace color, hair density(thickness), hair textures from body wave, deep curly , straight to name a few.

LACE FRENZY WIGS - LACE FRONT WIG B WITH LACE AT NAPEWe hope you’ve gained better in-sight on choosing the best lace front wig for your optimal styling preference not solely from the advise of others but more on what you want for your hair-styling needs.

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