The Answer To Flawless Realistic Lace Wig Wear

The Answer To Flawless Realistic Lace Wig Wear

A New Trend To Flawless Realistic Wig Wear – With Illusion (Fake Scalp) Lace Wigs


The new trend in lace front wigs , has given wig wearers a more advanced style option of an illusion Scalp appearance. Most call this new lace wig “Fake Scalp” Lace Front Wigs.

The new ingenious unit gives the wig wearing five top options:

  1. Cost – less expensive than the traditional silk top full lace wigs. You will gain the styling options and savings in one awesome wig.
  2. The illusion of a scalp when parting- the fake scalp gives any wig wearing individual the advantage of the appearance of a real scalp messing 13×4 inches.
  3. With this new type of lace front wig interior design, there’s great ventilation and no need for wig caps to match your natural scalp.
  4. These illusion scalp lace wigs are crafted with quality transparent Swiss lace material, so blending is even easier with these unit.
  5. Lastly, with these illusion Scalp lace wigs there’s no glues required to wear, just secure the adjustable straps and interior combs and style.

Compared to lace front wigs, illusion “Fake” Scalp wigs are versatile; you can restyle by making ponytails or stylish updos. While having a natural hairline, and realistic scalp. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, to allow the wearer to part the hair any way they want.

The Illusion Scalp Lace ( Fake Scalp) Wigs seems to have become the new bold and edgy take on personal style. Though, they are gorgeous and gives a more natural look on a budget , it is highly important to carefully store them with proper care and treat these wig with moisture rich hair care products for its longevity.


Virgin Human Hair Water Wavy Illusion Scalp 13x6 Lace Front Wig

With every hairstyle that you create with any fake scalp wig, the ultimate goal is to flaunt a natural looking hair piece or wig and just rock it to the best of your styling abilities.

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