Taking Care Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Taking Care Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Properly maintaining your tape-in hair extensions is of the utmost importance for the longevity of your hair extensions installation.
A key factor to note is everyone’s hair is different and your professional stylist’s recommendation should be taken into high consideration with the proper after salon care. Always make sure you talk with them before you start purchasing products for your extensions. Whether be it tape hair or weft hair extensions.



Going the cheap hair extension route will leave you with a terrible result. As it’s known good hair is never cheap – You will always want your hair extensions to move and look like your natural hair. No one should be able to tell you are wearing hair extensions.

  • Hair Product Recommendation:
    If you are on a budget  and need to buy regular hair products, it’s best to use products without high silicone content or sulfur on your tape extensions or any hair extensions for that matter. Sulfate free shampoos can be used but sticking with your stylist recommendations are best.
  • Brushing Your Tape Hair Extensions:
    One of the most important factors in maintenance recommendations for your hair extensions,  is that you need to utilize the proper wide bristle ( big paddle brush/combs) and  brush your extensions at least twice a day. This will help get rid of the tangles you may have or prevent future tangles from occurring.

  • Here’s a Quick 4 step guide to properly brushing your tape-in hair :
    1. Having a firm grasp of your natural hair and  tape extensions
    2. Holding on to your tape tabs, use a wide tooth-comb ( the wider the tooth of your comb the better) and gently brushing your hair starting from the tip of your tape-in extensions to get ANY tangles out and gradually go upward.
    3. While still holding onto your tape tabs firmly, slowly continue moving upwards towards your scalp. You want to be sure that you have a tight grasp around your tape to avoid the adhesive coming loose.
    4. When you have brushed all of your tangles out, use a looper brush (ask your stylist) to get in between the bonds. Regular brushes could potentially rip off the bonds, your stylist should always educate you on the proper way to do this technique.


Recommended Do’s & Dont’s For Tape-in Hair Extensions:


  1. Go to a reputable and licensed professional stylist who has received education or training for this type of hair extension.
  2. Make the required investment for high-quality tape in extensions.
 Do your research !!
  3. On daily basis press your sandwiched panels together. This aides the tape extensions bond longevity.
  4. Always use the recommended after salon installation hair care products suggested by your stylist. 
This step is very important! Avoid  the use of any shampoos that contain silicone or moisture. Any conditioners, oils, or masks, you must use from the mid-shaft down, so the product never touches the base of the panels.  Product buildup around the panels could eventually cause slipping.


  1. Do not get your hair wet within 24- 48 hours after application.
The bond needs time to adhere to your hair.
  2. With proper application the extensions should last for about 6-8 weeks before you need a reapplication.
  3. Your panels should not be showing 
If the extensions were applied properly, you should be able style with high ponytail


1.Your hair was not clarified or properly clarified before installation.

What’s clarifying?
Before application, your hair must be clarified with a specific clarifying shampoo to cleanse and remove any oils and environmental residuals prior to installation. Your hair must be thoroughly clean before any application. Any oil residual in your hair will prevent proper long lasting adhesion.

After installation , it’s recommended to avoid excessive perspiration and getting the hair extensions wet within a 24-48 hours time frame. The bond needs adequate time to adhere to the hair and if this is interrupted the panels will slip.


3. Your panels were not aligned correctly
During application, each panels must be lined up perfectly with the adequate amount of hair sandwiched. If installed incorrectly you may be putting yourself at risk for damaging your natural hair and eventually slippage of the hair extensions.

4. Too much hair between the panels
This is a sure way for hair extension slipping. If you have thin hair, using enough hair in between the panels and with thick hair, less.  If there is too much or too little hair, the sandwiched panels will be unable to adhere together.

Having tape in extensions requires extra maintenance and care.  It’s important to understand the proper care required and products to utilize after installation This is why we recommend doing your research,otherwise slipping or other issues will occur . This can’t be said enough always use shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo or brand recommended shampoo.  If you use shampoo that is not recommended such as any that contains moisturizing products, the bond will eventually break down and no longer hold.  As well the hair will be destroyed up no sulfate based products.

Never condition the hair or apply oils or serums near the base of the panels. This is where slippage of the hair extension will begin.

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