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Full Thin Skin Wigs are the alternative to covering Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is usually manifested by the presence of round or oval plaques where hair is lost. Although the causes of alopecia areata are unknown, they are usually autoimmune. However, there is a genetic predisposition and may occur in conjunction with other diseases. Also, stress can be another trigger. As  well environmental related issues. It […]

Wigs –To Cover Hair Loss Post Chemo Therapy

Cancer can be a life threatening disease. Especially, in women who are dealing with breast cancer, the disease makes unwanted changes which are weird as well as disheartening. This lead to need of a treatment called “Chemo therapy” which is a course that is offered to the patients suffering from any type of cancer.

Full Thin Skin Wigs

Full Thin Skin Wigs

Full thin skin wigs are better known as a full cranial prosthesis wig  or a  full polyurethane a.k.a (PU) wigs, which can be  customized in skin tones such as light brown, medium brown  but are popularly made in  transparent tone which best suits different skin tones- these units are very rarely in stock and ready to […]