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Few Methods On How To Re-Hydrate Your Lace Wigs

  Moisture locking is not a hard task, however it takes time which most may not have due to hectic schedules. But you invested in your lace wigs or hair extensions and other hair systems. So overtime, you will have to put time in to care for your units. Keeping your lace wigs and other […]

Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ?

Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ? Wigs have evolved as a solution to cover mild hair loss due to diseases , religious reasoning and for fashionable hair styling . One of the main reasons Jewish women are meant to cover their hair with Jewish Wigs , Band-falls and or Ponytail wigs (popularly known as […]

Create an Alter Ego With Lace Wigs

Creating an Alter Ego with Lace Wigs Nowadays, wig wearing is no longer a well kept secret. Now women and men alike,  from  top celebrities to the average everyday woman, can enhance their look whether covering hair loss or simply having several wig options as a part of their hair collection of accessories to boast […]