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Proper Protein Regimen for your natural hair

Although we may wear weaves/bundles ,full lace wigs, toupees , custom hair pieces. It will always go back to how we treat our own growing natural hair. Once a month or every 2 weeks,  you should find the time to do a proper protein treatment for your natural hair. Not only does this give your […]

How To Best Care For Afro Hair Weave

How To Best Care For Afro Hair Weave

Afro Hair Extensions So you’ve sate and pondered for hours!   “How do you care for Afro/ kinky curly hair weave?” Taking care of your Afro weaves/ Afro hair extension isn’t as hard as it seems, it’s actually one of the less complex maintained hair texture in the market and with a few tips for daily […]

Weave Care

Hair Weave Care Tips   Benefits of Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Weaves Sulfate-free shampoos are typically more gentler than normal shampoos. As the name suggests, sulfate-free shampoos are formulated without sulfates – or the detergent that lathery foam – (think of those shampoo commercials. The great amount of foam in these commercials are created by sulfates). […]

Weft Sealing 101

Weft Sealing 101 Tips   Weft sealing is applying a sealant to the weft to prevent shedding. Most sealants can be purchased in your local craft store and are used for on fabrics to prevent fraying. The most popular brands that we have tested and approved of are Aleene’s Stop Fraying and June Tailor’s Fray […]