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360 Lace Frontal Vs. Lace Frontal Closures Which is Better ?

360 Lace Frontal Vs. Lace Frontal Closures Which is Better ?

As clearly stated 360 Frontal hair piece is a closure for covering exposing pieces of sewn in bundles. This wonderfully crafted hair piece allows any wearer the advantages of low to high styled ponytail hairdos. Where’s as the standards sized 13X4-13X6 inches Lace or Silk Base Frontal closure hair piece only slow limited styling with […]

Choosing The Right Wig Lace Color For The Ultimate Undetectable Wear

How To Get Undetectable Hairlines With Your Lace Wig By Choosing Your Right Lace Color You’ve seen many amazing videos from YouTube Beauty Vlogs  and Instagram Influencers sharing their lace wig installs with the impressive flawless hairlines. But you’ve pondered how to gain the total desired look yourself. After you’ve done your research and found […]

360 Band Lace Frontals: A Revolutionary Product For The Hair-Styling

Be it wigs or hair extensions or even hair pieces, these products always witness change with the improving technology and trending fashion, that is why they are always updated and improved for the good. And the innovation always results in products which are more comfortable, more natural and realistic looking. One such product is 360 […]