Style Confidently With Silk Base 360 Lace Frontals

Now you can style confidently with silk base 360 lace frontals !

The hair markets latest graze is the  silk base 360 lace frontals . Comparable with the original 360 band lace frontal , which took over the hair market in late 2016 and has gained increased demand, which has lead to several versions of the 360 frontal, from a new anatomic arc 360 frontal wigs,  these highly requested hair closures are quickly becoming the replacement to the old school 13×4 lace frontal hair pieces.

The  silk base 360 frontal  features a double layered silk base material is approximately 4 by 4 inches of silk material on the crown area as displayed below. Which gives the illusion of a realistic scalp. Anyone can easily style confidently with silk base 360 lace frontals, without the self conscious daunting moments of improper lace blending and exposure of wefts/track.  These hair pieces comes in lace colors (which are made from soft Swiss lace material to blend with an individuals complexion for the best undetectable wear) are available in light and medium brown, the medium brown lace material can be tinted to a slightly darker material to easily blend with the individual complexion. These 360 frontals gives the option of freestyle parting and boasting an exceptionally undetectable hairline and realistic scalp. So you can style confidently!


These on trend hair pieces can also be purchased with matching bundles/ wefts – as a “bundle kit” in hair texture like best seller body wave, as well kinky straight, body wave, deep curly  in a consumers desired length normally Silk Base 360 frontals with bundles are  stocked from 12 – 20 inches of luxurious bouncy locks. Even customizing can be done to a silk base 360 lace frontal at customers request from ombr’e coloring and more.

Virgin Human Hair - Body Wave - Silk Base 360 Frontal w/2 Bundles


Styling with confidence – these silk base 360 frontasl will give you endless versatility with hair-styling like:

  • Up-dos and high pony tails
  • Fishtail braiding options ( once hair pieces are properly installed)
  • Freestyle parting – so you can part in any desired direction.
  • Stress-free worry on exposing tracks/wefts and your edges are protected – silk base 360 frontal covers all of that
  • You will have more depth in styling options with this trending and revolutionary hair extension piece.
  • The 4×4 inches Silk Base material gives an illusion of a realistic scalp ( which can be tinted to best match your complexion upon request).
  • Soft Swiss lace material ( typically in-stock  in light and medium brown)

Virgin Human Hair - Kinky Yaki Straight- Silk Base 360 Frontal w/2 Bundles

360 Silk Base lace frontals – construction

As depicted below the fine Swiss lace frontal features 360 degree of handmade/ hand-tied hairs in a circular formation. Featuring a 4×4″ Silk Base material  with hidden knots giving the illusion of a realistic scalp. The new frontal is made to make the installed lace frontal styled the option to be place in a mid- high ponytail without exposing wefts/weaving tracks in the back.  Measuring 22.5 inches in circumference x 4 inches in length (front to back) x 2 inches . In -stock hair density (fullness) is anywhere from 125-150% in hair  density.

Installation Tips

  • Place the lace frontal on your head lined up with your natural hairline
  • With adjustable straps / “band” – you can easily adjust for a snug fit
  • Cut the excess lace material carefully : You still need to have enough lace to adhere to the skin – always avoiding your own natural hair at all cost
  • Whether adhering with glues or wig tape – the frontal the traditional way or by sewn technique to secure the frontal to your hair –
  • Always  use a “weaving net” for faster installation.
  • Add the matching textured weft to close off the opening ( depending on the hair texture – you will need 2 bundles of hair.

Avid hair extension wearer/ weave lovers alike – key factors should always remain that ” your hair extensions should never look like hair extensions” – They should be hard to detect when properly installed.

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