Skin Wefts

Hair extensions wearers are always seeking the latest trends for seamless styling options. With several options in this vast hair market, most will resort to the machine weft hair extensions. But unbeknownst to most for seamless hair extension installation, the next best styling option is  Skin Weft hair extensions 

The ease of installing these versatile hair extensions are effortless, giving the wearer the option of adding one or several head turning bold hues , even giving more body and volume.

Thin Skin Weft Hair Extensions are hand-knotted on very thin polyurethane coating. Each Thin Skin Hair Extensions can be easily applied and removed from the head, each weft can be cut to a suitable size according to your needs. All are made of 100% Remy / Virgin Human Hair. Shop selections from body wave and straight hair textures in a variety of lengths.

They are made in a way so that one may style them freely by parting in any of the desired direction. They can be made in as many textures be it naturally straight, kinky curly, deep wave, body wave , loose wave, tight curls, Italian yaki, yaki straight .


PU Skin Wefts Specifications:   Our standard sizes 1/2″ * 36″, you also can order 0.8cm*90cm, 1cm*90cm and 1.5cm*90cm.

Tape Skin Wefts Specifications:   Our standard specification is 40pcs/pack,( 0.8cm width*4cm length)/pc

Virgin Human Hair - Body Wave- 40Pcs -Tape Hair Extension

About Our Skin Wefts

Skin Weft is hand-knotted with Human Hair on very thin Poly-Urethane coating

Skin weft is easily applied and removed from the head. It can be cut a suitable size according to your actual needs

Durable if you maintain properly

Quality: 100% Human Hair, Grade 7A.


These skin wefts hair extensions can give you the extra volume and body you need, as well giving you the added edge to jazz up your style with vibrant colors. To achieve a full look a consumer will tend to go for the 40 pcs (40pieces) of tape in / skin weft hair extensions. When you’re simply jazzing up your style go with 20pcs (20 pieces) skin wefts. With its ease in application and transparency , hardly anyone will be able to notice you’re wearing these innovative skin wefts hair extensions.

Virgin Human Hair - Blonde - 20Pcs -Tape Hair Extension



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