Silk Top Lace Wigs – Gives The Highest Undetectable Wear

Do you only love wearing silk top lace wigs? Are you looking for new designs to try and buy what you like? Well lucky for you at Lace Frenzy Wigs you get to shop a wide range of wig cap designs to suit your wig wearing needs, each wig is painstakingly handmade with the highest detail in craftsmanship leaving the average observing wondering “maybe she’s born with it” ( the wig that is ) !

Silk Top Lace Wigs – Gives The Highest Undetectable Wear

Silk Top Full Lace Wigs are designed in such a manner that they flawlessly can be carried like your real hair if kept in proper care and attention. With its enhanced 4×4 inches to 5×5 inches of multi-directional hidden knots. Each hair is hand-tied and double knotted for security and longevity of each silk top base full lace wig or silk base glue-less wig. With hair origin demands growing for more Virgin grade human hairs verses the Remy Human Hair collection.Wearing of these wigs is very easy and it is comfortable to remove them. These wigs give the perfect resemblance of a real scalp . You can wear these wigs with full confidence without fearing exposure due to choosing the right lace color that blends easily with your complexion.
Wigs can amazingly cover the scalp, hide hair loss and offer great aid to the people post chemo therapy and other health related issues that has led to hair loss . The hair market showcases different types and sizes of the wigs so as to suit every different personality and choice.

Amya- Brazilian Virgin Hair- 18" -Big Curl T-Natural- Silk Top Wig

The Different Kinds Of Wig Cap Design Options With Silk Top Lace Wigs

Each wig cap design gives the individual many advantages and disadvantages just the same. Only the shopper will know which conclusion to form based on how the wig wearer will style and wear these wigs or based it on the advisement of a professional hairstylist.

Silk Base Lace Front Wigs

All silk base lace front wigs are made with an overlay of fine silk used to cover the knots in the lace unit in the front portion where you do most of your parting leaving a realistic looking scalp. Hidden knots are placed to make your parting more natural with an undetectable hairline – even when wet and pulled back. Each lace wig is hand-tied and double knotted for durability and longevity with less shedding. All silk base wigs are freestyle so you can part any direction. Each cap comes with adjustable straps for secure fit and lace at the nape for up-do and mid – high ponytails.



Silk Top Full Lace Wigs are the most natural looking of all the lace wigs on the market. Most high end wigs use a silk base top as the knots are hidden under a second piece of material which gives an illusion of “flesh tone” or realistic scalp. There is some flexibility and it is usually multi-directional at the crown of the head. You can also wear these silk top full lace wigs in a high ponytail or off the face unless intricate detailing and styling is done to it by a professional.



Silk Top Glue-less Full Lace Wigs

This wig cap design has been featured several times as the “go-to” option for wig wearers who seek the no wig glues or wig tapes option. Shown in our Wig Cap Design section. The shopper can base their conclusion on this special wig cap design not only on the hair texture (whether it be Body Wave, Straight, Deep Wave, Kinky Straight , just to name a few) but how the wearer will style this kind of wig cap. As each wig enthusiast knows that their wig cap is the utmost important part of any wig purchase. A “wiggy” wants to feel comfortable wearing any wig as well having the proper ventilation for proper circulation to one’s scalp. No matter the wig cap circulation is very important – especially if one wears these wigs for a long extended period of time.



Irene - 20 Inches - Straight - European Virgin Hair - Silk Top Glue-Less Wig

Silk Top Full Lace W/Thin Skin Perimeter

The polyurethane perimeter strip is ventilated by hand using an intricate secure looping technique where the actual hairs are not knotted, but injected into the PU material provided the best realistic appearance of hair growing naturally out of the wig wearers skin. These unique wig cap designs are typically customized and very rarely in-stock units. The wig wearers head measurements of the individual wig wearer is of high importance for these kinds of wig cap design.

Silk Top Full Lace w/ Thin Skin Perimeter wig caps are one of the greater choice when one is going for undetectable wear with the following bonuses:

  • Silk Base / Silk Top  –  4×4 ” or 5×5″ silk base hidden knots, which give off a realistic scalp.
  • Thin Skin / PU perimeter – the hairs are injected (the hairs appears as if they’re growing from your scalp) and not knotted like full lace wigs
  • Free-styling parting ( allows hairs to be parted in any direction)
  • The highest undetectable wear of most wigs with the silk base and thin skin perimeter in the market. Once properly installed treated and maintained.
  • Greater lifespan upon proper care and maintenance as mentioned above.

As the fashion industry grows magnanimously, the need for hair to look attractive sees no end. As a mind blowing solution, Virgin Hair Lace Wigs, made with the most exquisite and undetectable Swiss lace with natural hairline are there at your service!


Securing Silk Top Wigs

Whether choosing wig tapes , glues and other securing methods like adjustable straps and combs is all based on the individual wig wearer comfort level.
Going with wig tapes and liquid glue will give you styling option of very high “up-dos ” .But with several unique options through a professional stylist suggestions or research you can even sew the wig on by using a weaving net. Ultimately, it’s your style and the only take away should be your comfort in wearing these lace wigs.


Silk Top Lace Wigs can give you endless hair styling options with the highest undetectable wear .

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