Silk Base Closures


Silk Based Top Closure

Silk Base Top Closures: The best in undetectable weave closures. Our natural and undetectable silk based closures provide the perfect finishing touch to a sew in weave. The hairs of silk based closures are skillfully injected through two layers of silk to hide the knots used to secure the hair to its base. By injecting the hair through silk, it gives the closure the perfect illusion of hair growing from the scalp. Additionally the edges of the closure are lace with hand ventilated high quality hair to provide an amazingly real looking hairline. Silk based closures are the most natural and undetectable closures available!

These pieces are top secret weaving styling options, highly worn by top reality show stars from shows like Love and Hip-Hop series.


Standard in-stock silk base top closures or lace top closure (which are only swiss lace) measures approximately 3.5 x 4 inches. These pieces are used to close off your machine wefts by adding a natural looking hairline, which is very hard to detect by the naked eye.


Lace Top Closures

These closure pieces are normally sized as 3.5 x 4 inches, ranging in density(hair thickness from the roots) at 120% -180%. For the best and most natural looking style option we recommend going with the standard density of 120-125%. As these hair pieces are very thick at the roots when purchasing lace top closures in hair grades of 7A and 8A.

There are several other sizes available in the market such as 2×4 inches and 4×4 inches. These sizes are based only upon your styling preference. If you are styling for a side part (very narrow partition) we recommend going with the traditional 3.5 x 4 inches or new to the market 2×4 inches lace top closures or silk base top closures. For hair weaving styles with a center part we recommend, going with 4×4 inches closure pieces.


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Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions silk top / silk base closures comes in a variety of textures such as deep wave, body wave , yaki straight, straight  and natural wavy. With the ever growing demands of these pieces we have increased sizing options to 2×4 inches lace top closures and our best seller 4×4 inches lace top closures.


The best shopping options for these hair pieces are our customers choice Top Closure Bundle Kits , TOP CLOSUREwhich as a consumer of hair extensions or machine wefts you get both the machine weft hair extensions of your desired styling option and the silk base closure or lace top closure as a complete look.






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