Protective Hairstyling

So as we walk into a new season, you may want to change your hair style, without harassing your own growing hair. Opting for protective hair-styling  with either a full lace wig, lace front wig , braid-in bundles , clip- in hair extensions or the new trending 360 lace frontal is all up to the knowledge base of proper protective styling from your hairstylist.

Before you start to install any lace wig or hair extension pieces we recommend the following:

Protective Hairstyling  Hair Treatment

It is always a good and wise to practice the following hair care regiment prior to any new weave or wig installation:

  • Always start with clean hair ( shampoo and condition)
  • Deep conditioning, hot oil  and or steam treating your own hair before any new hair weave/ wig installation.
  • Grease your scalp with either products containing vitamin E, coconut oil, castor oil, and or olive oil – (as you will have these bundles on your head for weeks).
  • Wear protective weaving nets or net wig caps for better ventilation
  • Seal in moister with Shea Butter (especially during colder seasons)
  • Trimming your hair ends – so you will have proper circulation and possible new growth.

Protective Hair styling option through wearing either a lace front wig or full lace wig are simple by having us at Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions include combs on the inside of  your purchased desired lace wig cap at selected spots for your comfort and secure fitting with also the optional adjustable straps, with these options you can now wear your lace wigs as a glueless style- which require no tapes or glue.
With these options, you can have your own hair braided flat and place a net wig cap for proper ventilation on your head prior to your lace wig installation.

Since our lace front wigs already has several combs inside the cap with adjustable straps for secure fitting, you are well on your way with your protective hairstyling for the new season. For an even more undetectable hairline you can opt into choosing our silk base lace front wigs, SILK BASE LACE FRONT CAP BANNERwhich has a 4×4 inches hidden knot/ silk top / realistic scalp so undetectable that no one will believe you’re actually wearing a wig.





Protective hair styling with 360 lace frontal


Using 360 Lace Frontal and Bundle Wefts as an alternative to your protective stylingVirgin Hair - Kinky Curly - 360 Frontal with 2 Bundles
These new trending hair pieces are great for those who are not versed in wearing lace wigs or the consumer simply prefers bundles of weave with closure pieces over a wig (remember it’s your style and it’s your choice).

The 360 full lace frontal pieces comes in three options (These new lace frontals hair pieces, can last up to 3 years depending on the care and maintenance).

360 full lace frontal is all Swiss lace going around based on the circumference of your head.PROD IMAGE INSIDE 360 BAND LACE FRONTAL STRAIGHT 1 With no straps measuring 22 inches (circumference) x 4 inches (front to back) x 2 inches at the nape (width at the back of the frontal). It’s applied by sewing the band onto the edges of your tracks. It covers the entire perimeter, with a very natural hairline, baby hairs going around the unit. These 360 lace frontals can be parted in any direction (freestyle parting) . Allows you to wear in a high ponytail styles and up-dos with bundles in the middle. A great styling option if you’re worried about your tracks showing.

360 Lace Frontal with band inside (as depicted below)

You will follow the same installation mentioned above, however with this 360 lace frontal with straps you can adjust the level of secure and comfort level. Apply the bundle wefts to close off.


360 Lace Frontal with cap
This is ideal for anyone wanting to create a quick wig , with an enclosed mesh wig cap ( as depicted here) Virgin Human Hair - 360 Lace Frontal With Stretchsewing bundles are a done with ease.

Lace Frontals are great for women who suffer from thinning hairlines and wish to add fullness to the front of their hairline. Lace Frontals are the one of the most revolutionary technique in hair weaving history. You will achieve a more natural and full head of weave with these hair pieces.

Protective Hairstyling with “Braid-In Bundles”

Made of 100% Virgin Human Hairs these braid-in bundles have a unique advantage for your desired protective hair-styling through braiding the wefts directly to your own hair , with extra hair approximately 6 inches of  synthetic/hair for braiding the weft directly to your own hair in an interlocking technique without the need for threads, glues or clips , similar to box braiding.
grade 6a virgin hair afro kinky braid-in bundleBraid-In bundles offer you a secure hold without the use of messy weaving glues or threads. A full head installation can be completed in 1 easy step. The bundles are braided directly into your natural growing hair without the time consuming steps of braiding your own hair and then going back to install row by row of weft.

Each Braid-In bundle is 100 grams full with 100% top grade virgin human hair (can be colored/bleached). The hair used for the braiding install on top of the bundle is 6 inches in length and 100% kinky straight human hair. It is highly recommended in some cases that Kanekalon/ Synthetic braiding hair also be added (feeding) to the existing hair while braiding for a for a tighter more secure hold. The braiding hair is also only 20 grams full so your braids wont be too thick.
2-3 bundles are required for a full head depending on the look you are going for. Bundles do not come in pieces but as 1 complete long weft.
One (1) quantity = 1 bundle (bundles do not come as a set).



Protective hair-styling with clip-in hair extensions

Here’s a forgotten protective hairstyling option – Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Yes , clip in hair pieces are still another protective style option for changing seasons.
We carry our best selling One- piece Clip in hair extensions. Which allows your scalp better ventilation to your scalp. With no requirement for threads and weaving glues.SIlky Straight - Grade 7A Virgin Hair - Double Drawn - One Piece Clip-In Hair Extension
By placing this one-piece hair piece in the middle of your head (ear to ear) by parting a section of your hair, then snapping the clips in brushing your down, you will have added length and volume instantly.

Grade 7A Virgin Human Hair -Kinky Straight - 7pcs Clip-In Hair Extension


Our 7-14pcs clip-in hair extensions are also a great option , you can achieve fullness as you desire.


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