Properly Removing Your Lace Wigs

Do you know how to remove full lace and lace front wigs as well your other lace units ( top closures , 360 lace frontals ) without bringing any damage to your skin and hairpiece?

-First question before starting is : How long should I wear my wig at any given time?

How long your wig stays on will depend largely upon what type of adhesive you use and how it responds to your body chemistry. Most of our customers achieve a 2-4 weeks hold with the right adhesive. We do not recommend keeping the wig on for more than two weeks because over extended wears can cause damage to your own hair line. Find an adhesive that works for you and your body chemistry. The best way to find the “the one” is by trial and error. Whether it be liquid wig glues  or wig tape.

The Most Common Mistakes Made – When Removing Lace Wigs

Pulling the lace wig straight off their head. When removing your lace wigs, people may forget the removal sprays and peel the hair piece straight off their head if the wig starts to lift. As we know, adhesive is used to secure the lace front wig at the front or the full lace wig from its entire circumference. Now, in order to avoid damaging the lace as well as tearing your skin (depending on the type of adhesive used like hard glues) and to ensure all adhesive is removed properly , you need to gently remove the adhesive from both your skin and the wig.

Leaving adhesive on the wig not only can prevent proper adhesion next time you install/ adhere the wig, this may also damage the lace seam.

Apply the adhesive remover by using abrasive materials and rubbing too much. Some people might use abrasive materials such as cotton wool or paper towels to apply adhesive remover. However, these materials can damage the delicate lace(Swiss lace) edging of the lace wig. Due to the back and forth rubbing motion, they are not good for the skin.

Step-By-Step Guide To Removing Lace Wigs

Step-by-step guide to removing lace front or full lace wig without damaging your wig or hairpiece.

Step 1. Clip the lace front or full lace wig hair back from the face, and then secure at the crown. This step not only can give you a clear view of the lace seam but also can ensure that no adhesive remover comes into contact with the wig hair.

Step 2. Apply an adhesive remover.

Using Alcohol based adhesive remover. Alcohol based removers are fast acting and do not leave a residue on the skin or hairpiece. Use a cotton bud (q-tip) or small soft brush (like the adhesive application brush) to apply Alcohol based removers, for they cannot be sprayed towards the face. People should rub too harshly to remove the adhesive before the alcohol based remover is gone since the alcohol evaporates quickly. However, people with sensitive skin had better not use this remover as it can dry the skin and cause irritation.
Dip the cotton bud in the lace wig adhesive remover.
Apply to the lace seam all along the edge.
Leave for a few minutes until the seam visibly starts to peel away from the face on its own.
Work carefully to ensure all the edges are covered.

Using Oil based lace wig adhesive remover. Oil based lace wig adhesive remover is gentle on the skin(especially for sensitive skin) and can be used to remove adhesive from the wig, the skin and other parts of the body. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, you can try oil based adhesive remover. You can let oil adhesive removers like C22 sit on the skin or hair piece for soaking of more stubborn adhesives. They do not evaporate or dry out the skin unlike the alcohol based adhesive removers. You can simply spray along the lace front wig seam since they are provided in spray form.
Once the lace wig adhesive has been successfully removed, you have to completely wash off the  hair piece by using soap and water. This is because that the oily residue can prevent proper adhesion of the wig next time you install the wig or hair piece.

Step 3. Gently pull the lace seam away from the face working methodically from one side to the other when the adhesive remover has had a chance to work (as per manufacturer’s instructions) gently.

Step 4. Lift the wig off the head and place on your wig stand for easy maintenance and to retain its shape.

Step 5. Cleanse your face to remove traces of adhesive and adhesive remover.

Do a skin test if you have sensitive skin.

Test your skin for sensitivity to adhesive or removers before using them, as with hair colorants.
Apply a small amount to the inside of one wrist.
Cover it with a clear plastic film for 24-48hrs.
Remove the adhesive or adhesive remover immediately and consult your Doctor if an allergic reaction occurs.
If you find that there is still adhesive on the wig after removing your lace wig, you can rub a handheld mirror along the inside seam where the adhesive is. The adhesive will come off on the mirror!

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