Pre-Glued hair extensions

Pre-Glued Extensions

Pre glued or “Tip” hair extensions are one of the many methods of Hair Extensions in the market. In the world of hair extensions , the terminologies can be confusing especially with terms like pre glued extensions, nano tip, keratin hair extensions, which are technically within the same family of pre-glued hair extensions. So easy to apply since the glue is already in place.
At the end of the hair is a Keratin tip shaped like a square/u/I/v…. You melt the glue with the fusing tool (sold separately).

What Are Pre glued Extensions?

Pre glued extensions are a type of hair extensions that have a glue-like substance at the tip of the hair, in order for the hair extension to be  bonded to the wearer’s natural hair with either tools such as an “Extension Iron”, a “Pincher” and or “Glue Gun”. Please note these types of products are highly recommended to be installed only by licensed professionals never attempt to install on your own.

These pre-glued extensions are placed strategically, where you desire more volume and or length. The bonding traditional hold up to 3-4 months depending on care and maintenance. Once you’ve realize a substantial amount of new growth it’s time to revisit your stylist to have it removed and  re-done. 

There are different types of pre glued extensions which have different names to either describe the shape of the tip or the substance(keratin) used at the tip of the hair extensions.

The most commonly used tip or pre glue hair extensions, names are u-tip hair extensions ; keratin tipped hair extensions; nail tip hair extensions; i-tip hair extensions ; flat tip hair extensions; v-tip hair extensions and pre-bonded hair extensions. Once again these terms are based only on the shapes of the tips
Nail-tip, u-tip, flat tip and v-tip hair extensions are the basically the same type of hair extensions and the names are based on the shape of the keratin tip



Straight - 100g Flat Tip Human Hair Extensions
Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Flat Tip Pre Glued Extensions –They are shaped this way to form a tight and complete seal and make the attachment process quicker.

These hair extensions saves time by not having to do any cutting or weft removing. Shedding is almost eliminated as every piece has glue on it. Glue section is much smaller and lays flatter. Hair can be reused. Remove the pre tipped /pre-glued  hair piece with remover, cut off the glue tip and use your glue gun with adhesive sticks to reapply. The protein (keratin) tipped glue does not burn your fingers! Attachment should always be done by a professional !

“How Do you Install Pre-Glued/ Tip Hair Extensions?”

  • First you must always start with clean hair!
  • It’s highly recommended to use oil free shampoos and conditioners after washing your hair. Wait until hair it completely dry before installing
  • Any oils or other residue on the wearer’s hair will cause the hair extension to slip out.
  • Always use the proper tools ( extension iron and or ring-xer for application)

The tip of the hair extensions is coated with keratin that is used to bond it the hair extensions to the wearer’s natural hair. It is then “heated” (with an extension iron -which is similar to a flat iron) in order to soften it and attach it to the wearer’s hair.

The advantages of wearing Tip Extensions:

-You can easily add volume

-extra hair length

-A boost in hair color ( highlights – if choosing other hair colors from your natural growing hair).





We at Lace Frenzy Wigs highly recommend Virgin Human Hair.

Our extensions are sold

  • Grams per strands: 1g/strand
  • Grade 6A- 8A virgin human hair

Packaged at 100g (ideal for a full head of hair installation).

Hair Texture

Our in stock pre-glued hair extensions comes in body wave and straight. We can customize to any texture and or length a customer desires.

About Our Tipped Hair Extensions

Quality: 100% Human Hair, Grade 7A and 8A, Top Quality. No shedding, No tangle.
Hair type:100% Indian remy/virgin, Chinese virgin, European, Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian virgin hair.
Hair lengths can range anywhere from :8″ – 36″
So easy to apply since the glue is already in place. At the end of the hair is a Keratin tip shaped like a square/u/I/v….
Shedding is almost eliminated as every piece has glue on it
Durable if you maintain properly.


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