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What Colors Are Ombre Lace Front Wigs?
(and other ombre lace wig questions)


“Why is that I can only find brown to blonde ombre color lace front wigs, are there grey ombre lace wigs?”

Ombre lace front wigs are available in a variety of colors. As depicted belowMargarita -12 Inches - Two Toned Bob Styled - Lace Front WigNola - Two Toned - Body Curl - Lace Front WigMarina - Two Toned - Lace Front Wig





Ombre hair color has been around for some time and shows no sign of decreasing in popularity. In fact, the colors available for ombre lace wigs seem to show that its popularity is only increasing in lace front wigs, hair extensions , halo clip in hair extensions
“Are ombre lace front wigs available in human hair or only synthetic hair?”
Ombre lace wigs are available in both human hair lace wigs and in synthetic hair lace wigs.Kendall - Kinky Straight w/ Center Part -Lace Front Wig

Colorful lace wigs are one of the best fashion statements but they’re also fun for the wig wearer to transition from a huge range of color options without damaging their own hair As an added bonus synthetic heat safe lace wigs are an affordable option for lace wigs. It’s better to choose a synthetic lace wig, especially for newbies to lace  wigs, also these unit are best for consumers on a budget. These synthetic lace wigs, which we at Lace Frenzy Wigs have coined “Heat Safe Lace Front Wigs” or Budget Friendly Lace Front Wigs,  if you’re going for bright versions of colors such as electric blue, crimson red,  or neon green.

Amethyst- Ombre' - Loose Wave - Lace Front WigFirstly synthetic wigs are more affordable but also the color won’t fade in the way that it will with human hair lace front wigs (a little point to note is that all dyed hair fades even if the dye is classified as permanent – if dye didn’t fade then the only time you’d need to re-color your hair would be when your roots showed up).
If your styling desires is set on a human hair ombre lace wig, then make absolutely sure that the hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair.

When hair is dyed, the chemicals in the dye that change the colour of the hair, penetrate the cuticle and if the cuticles are facing different directions or worse still, if some or all of the hair doesn’t have cuticles then say hello to a world of dried out, frizzy, brittle and tangled hair… not nice.

“How do I wash ombre lace wigs?”

Maintenance and care of either a human hair or synthetic lace wigs or hair extensions are close but for a custom -made human hair ombre lace wig or human hair extensions, then you’ll need to deep condition with a conditioner specifically for colored treated  hair to help protect against color fade.

If you choose a synthetic hair ombre lace wig then you can wash your wig in a mild shampoo. Air drying is always the best option to dry both human hair pieces or synthetic units. NEVER SLEEP WITH WET HAIR!

One of the best products in the market is the brandywine collection of shampoos, conditioners and frizz control spray to maintain your synthetic hair products

“Do ombre lace front wigs only come with dark roots and lighter ends, or can you get them the other way round?”
It seems to be a bit of a misconception that ombre hair always means darker roots and lighter ends; in fact the word ombré has its origin in French as a past participle of ombrer meaning ‘to shade’.
So ombre hair color is really about shading whether from light to dark or dark to light (and before we get a ton of messages; yes, typically or rather traditionally it meant shading from light to dark).PROD IMAGE LARKIN SOMBRE 3

Out there in internet space, the most common forms of ombre lace wigs go from dark to light, but you can find ombre lace wigs that go from light to dark as well as those that have more than two colors.



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