Lace Front Wigs

Lace Front Wigs


Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions , collection of  Lace Front Wigs are one of our highly demanded and consumed hairline products on our online boutique, ideally essential for newbies to lace wigs. We suggest these lace front wigs before a newbie jumps into a full lace wig without grasping the self-experience and knowledge of  other lace wigs. These lace wigs are also a good alternative for a  veteran full lace wig wearer in-between hairstyles.

Lace front/front lace – means that the lace in the wig is located only at the front of the wig and is usually a few inches in depth. The rest of the wig will have a different cap construction such as wefts, or a stretch material. A lace wig can be either a full lace wig where the entire cap is made entirely of lace with stretch panel material in for high ponytail or up-dos, a lace front wig where the front and sides are made of lace but the rest of the cap is wefts or other material.

The few inches (13 inches x 2.5 inches) of lace at the front and sides, allows for the wearer to part the hair in any direction and maintain an undetectable natural hairline. This means that the lace front wig is made to  be worn either off the face in a ponytail without anyone realizing it’s actually a wig.


About Our Lace Front Wigs

Our wigs made of premium grade Hair Quality – 100% Human Hair
With a variety of hair types such as ;100% Indian remy/virgin human hair, Chinese virgin hair, European hair , Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Mongolian hair, Cambodian virgin hairs. These hairs are primarily from one donor.
Each of our Lace Fronts cap are designed  with adjustable straps for comfortable and secure fitlace front wigs
Our fine lace material is approximately 13×3 inches and made with the finest and softest Swiss lace in a selection of lace colors to best match our wig buyers skin complexions , which are called lace colors in our online store.
The extended lace material where you can cut and align with your hairline is approximately 2.5-3 Inches  and 3 inches of lace from widows peak hairline to your crown  for longer parting. Our lace wigs comes with bleached knots for a more realistic and natural hairline with baby hairs along the front of the wig.
The beauty of our lace fronts is the option to wear with or without adhesives or wig tapes . All our lace fronts comes 3 Combs inside  the cap added secure fit

Styles of Lace Fronts

Lace Front Wigs with side bang– These wigs come with hand-tied bangs either to the front or side which are interchangeable – so in other words you can place a “left sided bang” Dakota -22 inches - indian remy hair- light yaki w/ side bang - lace front wigto the opposite side or vise versa, even style it by combing down the bang for a full bang style going straight across from brow to brow.

Heavy Density Lace Fronts

Our in-stock heavy density (thickness) lace wigs starts at 130% -180%

and goes up to 200% upon customizing request.  In Indian Remy , Brazilian , Malaysian and Chinese Virgin Human Hairs in a variety of hair textures and hues.



lace frenzy wigs and hair extensions lace front wigs

These vibrant styles and colors of  Lace Frenzy Wigs coined ” Heat-safe (synthetic) lace front wigs are made of high tempered futura fibers that can be re-styled by steaming up to 300 degrees.

Synthetic Lace Front Wigs… Heat Resistance
Much like human hair lace wigs, not all synthetic hair lace wigs are made equal. Some lace front wigs made with synthetic hair will be heat resistant to around 180 degrees Celsius (that’s 356 in Fahrenheit).
One of the biggest differences between a lace wig made with synthetic hair and a human hair lace wig is the cost which are usually the least expensive of all lace wigs. Due to the fibres being synthetic and the ventilation taking part at the front and sides, the price of a lace front wig with synthetic “heat-safe” fiber hair is half the price of our human hair lace wig counterparts. Just how long will your synthetic lace front wig last? That depends on how often the wig is worn along with how it’s treated. If you follow the basic guidelines of not using heat styling tools and always detangling from tip to root as seen in our  wig care guide then you can expect your wig to last a few months. Obviously if the wig is used less often it will last longer.




Each of our collection of lace front wigs comes with combs, adjustable straps and two cap styling options and secure fitting.


Lace Front Wig with machine weft backing, adjustable straps and combs are our widely sold products.


This cap is great option for the lace front wearers who like the option to have their units in a mid-ponytail hair style . This cap styled boast several great features four (4) combs , adjustable straps , soft swiss lace and a super elasticated cap as well its designed with an additional 2 inches of swiss lace at the nape( in the back). Which gives you a wider styling option to your lace wig. With this elasticated cap design there is also the option to sew additional wefts to this type of cap easily. This cap style is currently available for our in stock silk top lace fronts.




Our Silk base / silk top lace front wig is designed by Hand for Highest Quality. They’re hand-tied and double knotted so durable and less shedding With a Fine 4×4 inches Silk Base which is used to cover the knots on top area.SILK BASE LACE FRONT CAP BANNERThese types of lace fronts are also bleached knotted for a undetected look. Hidden Knots are place at the front of the lace front wig to make your parting ( which all silk base or silk top lace fronts are freestyle) look even more natural.
All Lace a Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions collection of silk top wigs are Freestyle and can be parted anywhere (parting can be requested). With in-stock hair density starting at 120%-180% and can be customized to your preferred density upon request.
The lace wigs hairline becomes Undetectable when wet or pulled back.
With beautiful matching textured  “baby hairs” going across the natural hairline lace wig – makes it appear even more realistic when wet and or pulled back.


  1. Keeping your human hair/ heat – safe lace fronts clean is key
  2. With the Heat Safe units we recommend using Brandywine Wig Cleaner 8 oz
  3. Co-wash your units upon receiving
  4. For any curly , kinky textures – moister is very important , teasing with your fingers is the best tool to style kinky curly , afro curly lace fronts and any other hair pieces.
  5. Wearing a mesh wig cap is always import for your own hair getting the best ventilation
  6. Get more in-depth care instructions  (click here) 

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