Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ?

Jewish Wigs And Who Wears Them ?

Wigs have evolved as a solution to cover mild hair loss due to diseases , religious reasoning and for fashionable hair styling .
One of the main reasons Jewish women are meant to cover their hair with Jewish Wigs , Band-falls and or Ponytail wigs (popularly known as “wonder wigs”) according to Jewish law (halacha) is to make it clear to other people, men especially, that they are married.

It’s believed in the orthodox community- Every ‘point of attraction’ that you give away to someone else, you don’t have it for your spouse. If this situation carries on for any length of time without being rectified, it can end up causing serious spiritual ramifications for each party . Orthodox women who follow Halakha, Jewish law, has worn these kinds of wigs since their wedding day. It’s also believed that women’s hair exudes a “sensual energy”, within the Talmud teaching , and covering ones hair insures a married woman’s modesty. In modern days more over Orthodox women want something contemporary looking and realistic, “they don’t want a wig to look like a wig,”

Kosher Jewish wig

Steps in Creating Jewish Wigs

Firstly there’s a separation process of Indian hairs with the raw hair materials used for Jewish wigs. Jewish wig production is carried out by separating all the materials used to make these specialty wigs, from  other products like ( Lace wigs , toupees and hair extensions). The hairs for Jewish wigs are different from the hair we use for our hair extensions and toupees, because we specially selected thinner and softer hairs from our raw hair material, What’s more, the hairs for Jewish wigs are 100% virgin human hair with intact cuticles, this is the highest grade of human hair, and it is the most natural hair with no chemical treatment.

Done by professionally experienced workers, trained how to do the hidden knots, which is the core strength of the multi directional skin (silk base)top. This is the most natural looking of all kinds of wigs in the hair market.

Don’t be misled by resellers and factories other using non- virgin human hairs by lowering down the hair quality to attract more clients by offering much lower price point . The price is lowered while the hair quality is lowered. They use non-virgin human hairs to produce Jewish wigs, and the wigs look same as premium grade virgin hair wigs, but actually the quality differs much.
Just like many , virgin human hair wigs can last 3 years or more depending on ones care for their wigs, however any non-virgin overly blended remy wigs can not even last one year. The non-virgin hair wigs are easy to get frizzy or even tangled when the wigs are worn for some time, like months.
With great improvements over the past 10 years, most of the outer scalp in the past were Chinese silk, and now it is mostly monofilament, this is a great improvement for Jewish wigs, because mono-filament gives hair lively feeling, and hair does not lay flat making it hard to style, and the scalp is not too white either.

Some Kosher Jewish Wigs are constructed in layers to boast a more natural hairs and non-layers for sleek style



Other Types of Jewish Hair Pieces

Jewish Wavy Wigs

Many married Jewish women cover their hair with wigs, which is called Sheitels.
It is a big thing for Jewish married women to choose the best wigs for themselves. To choose the most fitting wigs, Jewish women need to figure out several things, like the wig’s length, the hair color, and of course the hair quality. The hair origin for Jewish wigs are mainly two kinds, one is European hair, which is very expensive, and the other is Mongolian hair, competitive price.

European Virgin Hair - Jewish Band falls Ponytail Wig

Jewish Pony Falls
Whether the trendy terminology is WunderWigs, Updo Wigs or Jewish Ponytail Wigs . The  Jewish pony falls ( ponytail wigs) ,are not the typical  full wig but it’s actually a fall.
The perimeter of pony fall  is without hair, so it has to be worn with a headband. But has been seen online exposing some of the hairs along the perimeter. It is the latest hair product in the Jewish hair product market, and we are one of the earliest factories which produce this kind of new item.
The wefts made of premium grade hairs of the popular pony fall is sewn in a circular shape (inside cap displayed below), not going down, so it is much easier to wear a high ponytail.

Jewish Velvet Lace Grip
Jewish Velvet Lace Grip Front Band With European Hair Invisible Kosher Wig Natural Hairline also called I-Band
the worry-free privilege of the hair grip:
Give more comfort to wearing either half wigs giving a realistic hairline attached with velvet Velcro band accompanying any wig wearing activities,from swimming to camping and weddings without anyone the wiser. The lace grip is the best invention to ever hit the Jewish market!!


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