How To Best Store Your Lace Wig?

How To Best Store Your Lace Wig?

The best way to maintain and care for your human hair lace wigs doesn’t stop just at purchasing the popular hair origin types like Brazilian Human Hairs , European Cuticle Hairs, Malaysian Human Hairs, Peruvian Human Hairs or treating the hairs for longer lifespan but also on the days , weeks and months in between units . Whenever you are not wearing one of your beautifully coiffed  lace front wigs or silk top full lace wigs , proper storing of your lace wigs is key.

Tips on how to best store your lace wig?

  1. Use a mannequin head
  2. Keep your wig on a wire wig stand when you are not wearing it. This will air out your wig. However not necessarily the best option to keep your wigs seating on due to stretching your full lace wigs cap if placed on the wired wig heads to far down on the stand, wired wig stands are great for after washing and air-drying. Having a fiberglass or Styrofoam  mannequin head is a better solution.
  3. It’s also a great tool on which to air dry your wig after it’s been washed. Only keep the Lace wig on a Styrofoam head or head block long enough to style it. You can place your wig on a mannequin head (Just don’t pull the wig all the way down on the head). After you finish styling, just lift up the wig so that it’s gently resting on the head.
  4. Place your clean unworn lace wigs in a ventilated zipper bag.

When you’re between lace wigs or wearing braids leaving your human hair lace wigs laying around unprotected : by not properly covering your wigs or bundle hair extensions,  not to mention the lack of proper hair care utilizing the essential moisturizing hair products which aides in keeping the longevity, is a gateway to improper hair/wig care. All human hair lace wigs are an investment towards a better out look on your personal appearance. Lack of proper care and storage will lead to dried hair follicles.

Wise advice: Keeping your lace wig bags intact ( the ones you received when you purchased your lace front wigs or hair extensions) . Great option to preserving your wigs and hair pieces when a mannequin hanger or mannequin head is readily available.

Avoid: heat prone areas – these areas will dry out your well invested units over-time thus resulting in either loss of a beautiful well invested virgin human hair full lace wig or other hair extensions.

Storing Your Lace Wig in a Silk / Satin Hair Pouch

Preserving your hair extensions or full lace wigs in a silk/satin pouch during the times when you’re in between wearing them, is also an alternative way to any prevent shedding, dryness and preserves your hair units while it’s unworn. Its the best option because not only does it prevent them from drying, breaking, and tangling but you will have a longer lifespan with your lace front wigs. It’s great for keeping the lace wigs moisture locked it .

Remember : Due to the fact these human hairs are no longer growing from the scalp, its now not receiving the proper essential oils the human body produces to hair follicles. With that being said, the proper hair products and storage is mandatory for longevity and great looking hair pieces.

Proper maintenance and quality hair care utilization will have your full lace wigs, hair extensions , Custom Celebrity Lace Wigs in great color , body and lifespan.

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