How To Best Care For Afro Hair Weave

How To Best Care For Afro Hair Weave

Afro Hair Extensions

So you’ve sate and pondered for hours!


“How do you care for Afro/ kinky curly hair weave?”

Taking care of your Afro weaves/ Afro hair extension isn’t as hard as it seems, it’s actually one of the less complex maintained hair texture in the market and with a few tips for daily care, styling and washing, you’ll be able to rock your Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions Afro textured wig, closures,  lace frontal and wefts for several months or longer.

In this guide you will get the  two key areas for maintaining human hair Afro textured hair weaves or lace wigs and or hair pieces:

Moisturizing…….Moisturizing….Moisturizing  Need we say more

Moisturizing your Afro hair extension is essential for any and all  Afro Textured  Hair Weaves | Lace Wigs|Hair Pieces
The key to avoiding brittle Afro weave hair is to moisturize it.

royce replicatedThe fact that you’ve chosen an Afro texture for your hair weave means that you want to wear curly natural looking hair, more like a “shake-n-go” style option, so the best way to keep curly hair looking good is to give it adequate moisture.

Always use a water based moisturizer, free of harsh chemicals.  A water based moisturizer will have water listed as its first ingredient (an oil based product will list an oil product as its main ingredient). A water based moisturizer will give the Afro textured hair weave the moisture (water) it needs.

All Tea-Tree Oils are not created equal !

Choose a moisturizer that doesn’t contain mineral oils or to put it another way; choose a moisture that contains vegetable or nut oils like coconut oil, argan oil and almond oil . Stay away from Tea Tree Oils as this type of oil is mostly garnered for excessively oily hair, which will suck the moister out of your hair piece or lace wig.

The best way to apply moisturizer on an Afro hair textured weave is to use a pump spray bottle (this also means you can moisturize your growth hair at the same time). You can mix one part moisturizer with three parts water or make your own moisturizer….you can make your own moisturizer by filling a spray bottle with:

  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 2 tbsp. of each  : glycerine , coconut oil, Shea Butter, castor oil(optional)
  • 2 tsp. vitamin E oil
  • Don’t forget your spray bottle !


How To Best Care For Afro Hair Weave

Best Styling Products

Essentially, you’re free to use whatever you fancy. From either of the following;

  • Serums (lighter serums , the less your textured Afro kinky , or curly hair will feel weighted down)
  • Curl Activators  ( we recommend trying AG Recoil)
  • Hairsprays

Keep in mind that these hair products help hair trap dirt,  so the more products you use to your Afro Kinky , Afro Curly or Kinky hair weaves, wigs etc, is likely to mean more frequent washing from build up of perspiration and hair products used. So less is more…..

Your curl activator or moisturizer should be used first to make the hair slightly damp and the use your fingers or the tail of a comb. In theory, you really shouldn’t have to comb the hair very often; it’s more about defined curls.

Heat styling tools should not be used what-so-ever, for Afro textured hair weaves… sorry, but it’s true.

If you’re aiming for the Bohemian type afro puff look then an afro comb/afro pick comb is better than using a traditional wire bristle brush.

 Tips for combing Afro hair weave

  1. De-tangle with fingers first, always start at the ends of the hair and work upwards to the tracks.
  2. Use a wide tooth comb and start combing at the ends of the hair, working upwards to the tracks.
  3. Always comb your hair gently, avoid straining or tugging the hair as this causes shedding and distortion of the afro texture.


Avoid heat styling using flex-rods are recommended

Keep the hair moisturized daily with oil free sprays or moisturizers with plant based oils.




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