How Often Should You Wash Your Lace Wigs ?

The lingering question faced by many Lace front wig newbies, is how often should they wash their Lace wigs ?

Every decision should be based on the individual lifestyle and other activities they conduct on a day-to-day basis , especially during warmer weather seasons.

So, How Often Should You Wash Your Lace Wigs ?

The easiest way to figure this pestering question , is how often you wash your own hair or for those who no longer have growing hair, the same concept applies to your decision making based on when you had growing hair and how frequently you used to wash it.
In no particular order, one can take a deeper look on a number of factors to make the appropriate decision :

-The activities undertaken by wig wearers from going to the gym, jogging , swimming and other extreme sports.
– If you wear your lace wig for a lengthy period.
– Adding other hair styling products to your units.
– utilizing wig glues and other wig adhesives ( can create product build- up).

The above mentioned factors will make it easier to come to a conclusion on the frequency of cleansing your lace front or full Lace units.

Cheranne - Deep Wave - Brazilian Virgin Hair - Lace Front Wig

As well , another factor to consider is environmental buildup such as ( humidity, dusty weather conditions) attracted by hair-styling products used on any lace wig and or hair extensions, will require a slight increase in the amount of times per week/month that you should wash your wigs.

If you wear your wigs every day and utilize several styling products every day like:(hairsprays, mousses, gels and serums) then you should wash the lace wig at least once each week. Thoroughly wash your units including getting in-between the combs on the internal part of the wig, which may have hair product build up after extensive wear.

For those wig wearing persons who experience heavy to extreme perspiration , then its recommended to do a “quick wash” to the lace unit . This is also recommended after each swim or intense sports activities – by simply , rinsing the hair with a small amount of shampoo and then apply a moisture rich leave-in conditioning spray then let it drip dry ( preferably on a “mannequin head”).

Benefits of Proper Cleansing of Lace Wigs

– Restore luster to your wig(s) when utilizing the proper shampoos and moisture rich conditioners.
– Gives your lace wig longevity.
– Restoration of body and bounce to hair cuticles.

It may seem like a lot to take in at first , but it’ll become second nature in no time. Plus these recommendations will keep the lifespan of your Lace units exceeding 5 months with proper care.

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