How many bundles of hair do you Really need for a full head weave?





How many bundles of hair, do you need for a full head weave?

As you sit and ponder these questions in your head before your purchase:

  • “Do I need 3 ounces of hair for a sew in ? 4 oz ? 6oz ? or maybe I need 8oz” ?
  • “Does the amount of hair go per pack or bundle” ?
  • “How much hair comes in one bundle” ?
  • “What hair type do I need for a voluminous look” ?
  • “What do your personally consider a full sew in” ?
  • “Is all your hair braided up, even your leave-out” ?
  • “Do you have your edges out” ?
  • “What about the crown” ?
  • “Do I need a Lace Frontal or a Silk Base Closure or not” ?



“So do you need 3 ounces of hair for a sew in ? 4 oz ? 6oz ? or maybe you require 8oz” .

Many of our customers ask  these questions all the time when placing an order for  hair extensions. There are many factors that go into answering these questions.  Also, while you ponder your options in how many ounces you need, please note that 1 bundle = 4 oz = 113.4g

First – Make sure you are aware if your bundles are a full 4 ounces. (1 pack of hair/ 1 bundle) will traditionally be 4 ounces.

The bundles at our online store are double weft , so you will not need to go over board with 4-5 bundles unless you are styling two different individuals.

Second – Double wefts are better quality and they give both body and securely sealed bundles. These types last exceptionally longer.



Bundle hair length, hair style, head shape/size, hair texture and hair fullness all play a major  role in the decision making. (See hair length chart below)How many bundles of hair do you really need for a full head of weave

Choosing Bundles with Closures

Keeping in mind that  curly and wavy hair textures will fall at a different length, from a straight hair texture ( as depicted above), so going forward with your desired hair texture by length you should refer to the chart above and utilize a measuring tape.

Have the measuring tape fall from your crown to the desired length then proceed to selecting your bundles.

For more clarity when purchasing your bundles with either a 360 Lace frontal- You will need 2 bundles that should equal to 100 grams each bundle. It doesn’t matter the hair texture, two bundles is more than enough. As the 360 Lace frontal is an entire circumferential closure hair piece.


When choosing your bundles with a 13×4 , 13×6 inches Lace frontal. Base your decision on the space left from your crown to nape ( typically 2-3 bundles).


When purchasing your bundles with a standard 4×4 inches or 3.5×4 inches lace closure ( whether silk top lace closure or standard all lace closure)

Always going back to making sure your bundles are 100 grams each-  You can purchase 2-4 bundles as these types of closures are smaller pieces placed strategically to close off exposing wefts either at the front of the hairline , towards the side , or even at the crown.

Seeking a well versed, educated not to mention licensed professional hairstylist will always guide you towards your ultimate styling goals.


two toned curly 4x4 inches lace closure and layered bundle hair kit peruvian virgin hair two toned body wave 200g machine weft bundle


Bundle Machine Wefts Hair Lengths

Virgin hair bundles are measured by grams or ounces. Be aware that hair lengths ranging from 8 inches – 14 inches will have more horizontal length on the weft, thus you’ll need less bundles or packs of hair to achieve your styling option for a full head.  The longer hair lengths in the ranges of 16 inches – 30 inches carry more weight with their vertical length, In other words, the longer the hair length your styling option desired, the more bundles you need. My most popular sales come on the form of bundle kits where you choose the different length options and your choice of Lace Frontal and Top Closure if your desired styling option require those hair pieces.



Hair Texture Choice

For the penny pinching savvy shoppers, hair texture decision choice is a option to consider. You can get away with less wefts  by choosing these textures  tight kinky curly, romance curls, the newest trend “funmi curls”, body curls which can be teased after styling to achieve a beautiful and bouncy look or kinky textures. The body/density of these curl patterns will make your hair look full, even with less wefts sewn in.

Always know you are in control of your styling wants and needs !! You decide what’s right for YOU, not because your friends tell you it looks good you know what suites you and you hair style likes and dis-likes. If you are still unsure, you can email us directly We’re  always here to help you figure out and and look you’re best. Want something that’s not on our the online store ?  Let Lace Frenzy  see if we can customize order it for you!


Our orders leave the warehouse within optimal timing 2-4 business days or sooner depending on your global location as we ship world-wide.

We’ll help you in choosing hair color , hair length and texture. If you like it “shaken and not stirred” we are here to assist anytime via email or chat live with our “Live Operator” option to lower section of the site. If our operator is offline , you can send a direct message there too.

Maybe you like talking with a live person call (347)-871-LACE (5223)

Customer service hours of Operation

  • Mon – Fri 10am -7pm EST
  • Saturday CLOSED
  • Sunday – Closed



Keep in mind: As a rule of thumb, start by purchasing bundle kits . You won’t be disappointed!

67 thoughts on “How many bundles of hair do you Really need for a full head weave?

  1. lenny says:

    I’d like to know how many bundles of kinky afro hair (romantic Angel brand) I’ll need to do just a high top in micro loc extensions? My hair is fine to medium thickness and I’m looking to get around 18″

    • LFWAdmin says:

      You will need about 3-4 bundles ! I would suggest getting in different lengths to look more natural (14,16 and 18 inches).

    • LFWAdmin says:

      You’ll need 3 bundles to create the ideal style with your 360 frontal. Best to purchase layered bundle kits ,different lengths will give a natural tapered look to any of our in stock 360 frontal.

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Hey Debbie
      We’d like to recommend 3 bundles of 20 inches Brazilian Body Wave. Even greater incentive by selecting our layered bundle hair , which are 3 bundles of virgin hair in three different lengths (eg. 18″, 20″,22″) to achieve an amazing tapered and full body look to any style.

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Shantee , Depending on the hair texture( kinky curly , deep wave, loose wave) we recommend 2-3 bundles of hair. As well keep in mind the hair density of your 360 lace frontal if higher than 130% density (thickness) you want your installation to look natural and realistic, so keep your weft/bundles between 2-3 bundles. If you want full look the go with 3-4 bundles.

  2. Amanda says:


    I am having 18,20,22 curly deep wave hair, I want a 360 lace frontal but what length do I buy?

    I was thinking 16inch but If it goes around the head would it match the 22 inch bundle in length at the back? I want a nice layerd look.

    Sorry a little confused with this.


  3. Alex says:

    Hi I want to make a full lace wig about 20-22 inches long. I would like to density to be at least 150%. How many bundles will I need?

    • LFWAdmin says:

      For 150% density you must always look at the grams per bundle as well the hair textures (kinky curly , deep curly etc). Curly wefts requires 3 bundles at 100-110grams. Straight textures requires just about the same. But when choosing the wefts/ bundles for heavy density you should purchase wefts equal 115-120grams per bundle.

    • LFWAdmin says:


      If you plan on leaving some of your own hair out then 100g weft will do for that styling option. However if you intend on having your entire head weaved, you will need 2-3 bundles. Hope this was helpful..

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Ashley, If you already have the 3 bundles of hair you are in great shape, all you need to do now is go ahead and style you will see from those 3 bundles you already have how much you will require to do your entire head, in the future. Especially with a side part closure. #teamlacefrenzywigs

  4. La Tasha Dempsey says:

    I was wondering how many bundles would I need for a curly look. Im going to be using the Malaysian Deep Wave in 18’20’2×22’so a total of four bundles…Will this be a full look?

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Hey La Tasha
      If you purchased 100g per weft, you will achieve that “full look”. Always factor in the grams per bundle/pack when purchasing your wefts for thickness. Hope this was helpful.

  5. La Tasha says:

    I want a full head..Im using Malaysian Deep many bundles would I need..I got 4 bundles in inches 18′,20′,2×22’will that be enough?

  6. Kk says:

    I have an 14inch and 20 inch wet and wavy bundle with a closure. Will that be enough for a full head. Although the lengths are way off.

    • LFWAdmin says:

      The bundles you currently have might make your style look very uneven. Might I suggest getting a 16 and 18 inches with a closure at about 14 inches. Always keep your closures and wefts 2 inches apart in length (eg: 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″). You can also check out our closures w/ bundle kits currently in-stock and ready to ship to your door in 3-4 business days (depending on location)

  7. Samyah shaw says:

    I have 3 bundles of Brazilian loose wave with ( 12,14,16,& 18 ) inches . I was wondering how many bundles do i need ?

    • LFWAdmin says:


      If you are leaving some natural hair out you will only need 3 bundle/ 3 packs of hair. But you listed four different lengths (12,14,16 & 18). With that being said, it’s also great to have an extra bundle when you need to do over your weave installation.

  8. Vera says:

    I’m getting a sew in and the length is 16 18 and 20 a regular front part I’m look for natrual but still full how many bundles do I need

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Hi Vera,
      First your bundles should equal to 100g each. When having some of your natural hair out either in the front or a stylish side part, you will need approximately 3 bundles. Hope this was helpful !

  9. CeeCee says:

    hello , I was wondering how many bundles would I need Body Wave 18″ ? & should get each bundle a different length or all 18″ ?

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Hi Yanni,
      It depends on the grams per bundle- always make sure that you’re getting at least 100g per bundle so you can achieve a full looking style with your bundles.

    • LFWAdmin says:

      Hey Destiny,
      You have a good amount of bundles,although your frontal is a bit short. You may end up cutting one or two of your bundles to achieve a desired “layered style”. It’s always best to have your closure and or frontal at least 2 inches different from your bundles (for example your bundles can be 22, 24, 26 inches and your closure and frontal can be 20 or 22 inches). Hope this was helpful. 🙂

  10. tejah says:

    Hello! I’m in the process of trying to decide if I need 2 or 3 bundles of brazilian natural wave if I’m getting a lace closure as well. I was going to buy 16, 18 & 20 in with the closure being 14 in. but I also have an undercut, so I didn’t know if that would mean I would need 2 bundles (18 & 20) and the closure (16). I want a full but not too full look. This is my first sew-in and i’m so unsure!

    • Bosslady Allen says:


      Keep in mind curly hair will give a full look at shorter lengths (12-16 inches). So based on what you want guessing you will need 3-4 pieces, ( closure + bundles). You should have no worries once you’ve decided on the hair texture( curly , wavy etc). First decide on the texture then go from there.

  11. Abi says:

    Hi….would 2 bundles be enough with a frontal in the kinky curly hair..18″ 20″ with a 14″ closure?? I dont want it too thick neither do I want it thin..

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      If you frontal is 14″ it may look choppy with 18 and 20 inches bundles so try and get a 16″ frontal. Best of Luck

  12. Jenna says:

    If I’m getting a 360 frontal that is 14′ what should the lengths of my three bundles be? I would like to achieve nice long full straight hair.

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      You will need to only get your bundles in the following lengths (16, 18, 20 inches) if you’re going with three bundles if you’re going with two bundles only 14 and 16 inches will do. See our in-stock pieces here 360 Frontal with Bundles

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      Hey Susan,

      If each bundle is 50g you are limited to the styling. But you might be able to get away with just sewing the wefts from crown to nape with “leave out” of your natural hair.

      But your bundles should equal to at least 100grams to get a decent full head of weave style.

      Also if the hair is curly enough you might it might just work. As curly texture hair will look fuller if the hair lengths are between 10-14 inches.

      Give us an update on how those bundles work out.
      You can always shop our bundles by clicking here Bundle Hair

  13. Nicole says:

    I have 3 bundles of 16′ 18′ and 20′ of Brazilian straight. I’m thinking about buying a 360 frontal which would be the best size to buy the 14′ or 18′?

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      Hey Nicole,

      Our best suggestion to purchasing your 360 Frontal piece in addition to the bundles you already have, is to go with 14 inches. So your pieces won’t appear choppy in length. Rule of thumb “ always go two inches from the shortest bundle of hair you plan to purchase or already have for your styling option.(eg : 14,16,18 inches bundles – you would only require 12 inches or a 14 inches closure , or 360 frontal piece).

      See our in stock 360 Frontals by clicking here

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      Hey Jodocie,
      Sounds like you are on track with the right amount of hair. You may not need the third bundle of hair, if you wefts equal 100 grams per bundle. So best of luck with your pursuits.

  14. kate says:

    im getting a 360 closure that is 18 inches maybe and 20,22,24” of bundles. i’m 4’11 and love long hair and i want it to be just above my toosh lmao, would that be perfect? or 22,24,26” with 20” 360? would 3 bundles be full? i also love full hair and to not have a part but let it flow. thank u

    • Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions says:

      Hey Kate!
      For your height I think the best lengths should be purchased is 20 or 22 inches (360 Frontal) 22, 24, 26 inches for the bundles. Happy shopping

  15. Tyna says:

    I have three bundles of 300g double drawn hair, 20inches each with 16inches closure. Will it be extra full. I love full hair.

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