How Many Bundles Of Hair Do You Need With A Lace Frontal?

The questions still lingers when choosing a Lace Frontal and then selecting the right amount of hair bundles. First you need to decide on the size of your lace frontal hair piece , whether it be a standard 13 x 4 inches  

Just like the never ending question a weave wearer faces in making a styling decision as to how many bundles of hair do you really need for a full head weave?

First you need to be aware of a few things:

The hair market has  several sizes to consider when choosing a lace frontal. From 13×2″, 13×4″, 13×6″.  As well as the customize sizing from 12 x2 ” , 12×4 ” and so on. Made with Swiss or French lace material the hairs are woven and handtied with high quality human hairs from Indian Remy / Virgin human hair, Mongolian, Chinese, Malaysian, Peruvian , Brazilian and European Virgin human hair.

How to determine the size of your Lace Frontal : one would typically start by  using a measuring tape, to predetermine the parting space required for the weave wearer desires. To do so use a measuring tape going 4 inches from your widows peak or natural hairline going towards your crown which typically should measure 4 inches. Now once again with the measuring tape going across from ear to ear  you will get the end result of 13 inches. Or you may end up with the other measurements mentioned above.

Once you’ve figured out the measurements and how far back you want the capabilities of a freestyle parting space. You can now decide on the amount of bundles you will need whether 2 bundles or 3 bundles of hair.

Speaking of bundle hair or  ( machine made wefts) in the market , there have been several questions of how many bundles do you really need for a full head of weave.

If you desire the Chaka Khan and Diana Ross look it’s all about density (thickness) and grams per bundle . On average your bundles should always weight 4 ounces or 100 grams (1 bundle here at Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions) or more for those styles and when choosing lengths shorter lengths in the textures kinky curly, deep curly and afro kinky will always look fuller in shorter lengths . Let just be clear “your hair extensions are not to look like hair extensions” – You want your end result after installation and styling to look as natural as possible.

Indian Remy Hair Ombre' Straight 13X4 Inches Lace Frontal With 300G Bundle Kit

Maintenance of your hair bundles and lace frontal pieces : Not EVERY  hair product is deemed equal to every hair texture  especially if you decide on coloring your hair pieces (Ombre’ Sombre’ or otherwise any coloring). Always use products to keep the longevity of your color treated units and hair pieces.

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