Heat Safe Lace Front Wigs


The New “Synthetic” Lace Front Wigs

Heat – Safe Lace Front Wigs



Heat Safe Lace Front Wigs  or Synthetic Lace Front Wigs are now all the rage in the market . The highly demanded product gives the traditional wig newbies or veteran wig wearers, the styling option and endless color choices to switch in-between full lace wigs or hair extensions styles with the less expensive choice to a regular full lace wig or silk top wig.



Our heat safe units can withstand up to 300 degrees of styling heat, or steam styling. With a unique hair material called  “Futura” which is a  heat resistant fibers.Dawn -24 Inches-Body Curls w/Highlights- Lace Front Wig

heat safe (Synthetic) lace front wig – break down

Synthetic – relates to the type of hair used not the lace – so the synthetic hair is made of man-made fibers such as nylon and the popular  Futura, Kanekalon and Toyokalon fibers.

Lace front – this means that the lace in the wig is located only at the front of the wig and is usually a few inches in depth. The rest of the wig will have a different cap construction such as wefts, or a stretch material. A synthetic lace wig can be either a full lace wig where the entire cap is made of lace,preferably made of swiss lace or most who’s approach is sewing the wig will opt for French lace material which is stronger material but not as soft as our standard in stock Swiss lace material; a lace front wig where the front and sides are made of lace but the rest of the cap is wefts or other material.The few inches (approximately 2.5- 3 inches) of Swiss lace at the front and sides, allows for the wearer to part the hair in any direction and maintain an undetectable natural hairline. This means that the lace front wig made with synthetic hair can be worn off the face in a ponytail without anyone realizing it’s a wig.





lace front wigs


Each of our Lace Fronts wig caps are designed  with adjustable straps for comfortable and secure fit (as depicted above). Our fine  lace material is approximately 13×3 inches and made with the finest and softest Swiss lace in a selection of lace colors to best match our wig buyers skin complexions , which are called lace colors in our online store.
The extended lace material where you can cut and align with your hairline is approximately 2.5-3 Inches  and 3 inches of lace from widows peak hairline to your crown  for longer parting.
The beauty of our lace fronts is the option to wear with or without adhesives or wig tapes . All our lace fronts comes 3 Combs inside  the cap added secure fit


Lace Frenzy carries a wide selection of  head-turning and wallet conscious heat safe lace front wigs ranging in textures and color. Whenever you need to jazz up your style in a moments notice you simply clip in and go.



BillieJean- Curly Ombre' Lace Front WigCheck out the bold color options and ombre’ styles of Heat Safe Lace Front Wig collection.

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