Hand tied Wefts VS. Machine Made Wefts

Hand tied Wefts VS. Machine Wefts


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Hand tied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread, this process is done by hand. Our hand tied wefts are much thinner than machine wefts because of the precision involved, and they lay flat on the scalp.

Hand tied Wefts VS. Machine Made Wefts


Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair sewing machine.

Hand tied Wefts VS. Machine Wefts

It is strongly advised that you do not cut hand tied wefts as this will destroy the integrity of the handtied structure of the weft, we recommend folding the weft.

Prod image -Brazilian virgin straight handtied weft

In this case, the individual strands are tied by hand to create the secure weft.This is important because it means that each strand of hair will remain attached to the weft much longer than their counterparts who are machine-sewn into the weft. Hand-tied hair extensions therefore last longer. They don’t thin out near as quickly as machine-wefted hair extensions. Hand-tied hair wefts dramatically reduce shedding and therefore allow for much longer wear.



Hand tied Wefts VS. Machine Wefts

The hand-tied hair weft is usually significantly smaller or slimmer than the “normal” more common machine-wefted hair. Machine-wefted hair tends to be bulkier because the weave itself needs to be hefty enough to get a good hold on the hair and also because it is being done by a machine.

Styling Options

Hair-tied wefts are intended primarily for weaving (sewing to tracks formed from the clients hair) or for hand sewing, such as to Lace Wigs. Some adventurous experimenters have attempted to bond the hand-tied weaves; however, most find this rather difficult given the slimness of the weft. This makes it quite difficult to apply the bonding glue to the track without getting it on the extension’s hair. This can get quite messy. And of course, you definitely won’t want to try fusion installation methods because they would generally be a waste of the premium characteristics of hand-tied hair extensions.

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