Hair Type Verses Hair Texture

Hair Type Verses Hair Texture

When it comes to enhancing your appearance, people especially ladies prefer hair types closely resembling their own growing mane. Surely, hair is the most visible part of one’s appearance . But, creating different hairstyles is might be difficult especially when knowledge of the hair texture or hair type of hair that’s marketed .

Hair Type Verses Hair Texture

To tackle this situation, consumers who are new to the hair industry, must be knowledgeable that the hair extensions and lace wig is a vast market. With several up-selling terminologies to gain your interest. Many lace wigs and hair extensions enthusiasts will be misled by these up selling tactics.

From blending hair types like Remy and small amount of Virgin Hairs and Synthetic fibers to gain a fuller appearance in the unit , to consumers which in the short lifespan of their wigs or hair pieces it’s tarnished due to popular trendy wording.

Hair Texture

The texture of the hair you purchase can be listed as the hair origins ( donor) like “Peruvian Straight” or “Brazilian Curly” as widely marketed on the web . Here’s where a consumer will be confused on purchasing , firstly Peruvian hair defines  the origin of hair donor, and “straight” is the hair texture never Peruvian Straight. Those are two separate terms when purchasing any lace front wig or full lace wig. The same applies to Brazilian Curly as there is several curly textures in the market. Just as there are listed as Italian Yaki (which is simply the hair texture).

For newbies to the wig wearing , It is wise to inquire deeper before purchasing. A reputable company will spend a short time to consult you on what’s suggestible towards your hair texture goals.

Peruvian Virgin Human Hair Straight Ombre' 360 Frontal Wig

When purchasing human hair hair pieces or full lace wigs , most hair textures can be easily re-styled with styling tools like , flex-rods , hot curling irons, hair rollers, flat irons. So gaining a particular hair texture is possible by utilizing these styling tools. But it’s very advisable to seek a professional hair stylist to aide the desired hair style.

Hair Type

When it comes to hair type, this term refers to where the hair was originated or donated from, such as Brazilian, European, Peruvian, Chinese , Mongolian hair. Consumers gravitate to Virgin Human Hairs in natural color to reprise the color to their desired ombré or other balayage hair colors.

Certain hair types like Brazilian , Peruvian , Mongolian hair types are dense in follicles giving a fuller appearance and Brazilian or European hair types are best for choosing bleach blonde hair colors as it’s recommended for keeping a vibrant color throughout the lifespan of the silk top full lace wig or hair extensions.

However , for a sleeker appearance consumers will lean towards Indian Virgin or Remy Hair and also Malaysian hair type in either full lace wigs or glueless lace wigs.

When choosing any given hair type from Indian Remy , Burmese Virgin Human Hair it should never be blended for a longer lifespan.Cheaper quality wigs will be listed at a lower price point for a budget conscious consumers, however the lifespan will be very short.

Having beautiful hair is the essential goal
Undoubtedly different women have a different choice of hair texture or hair type/ hair origin and therefore there is always a need to choose the perfectly styled lace wig or hair piece before purchasing it.

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