Hair Density

Here’s a little #wigknowledge on hair density.

Understanding hair density , when purchasing either a lace front wig or full lace wig even a lace frontal and or a  lace top closure starts first from the hairline, where the baby hair start  thereafter the gradual increase in density (volume/fullness) of the hairs will starts , so in other words if a lace wig or other hair pieces are listed at 125% or 180%  and up in hair density , you will have a better understanding of the density placement of each hand drawn and hand crafted unit.

Keep in mind the hair density will start from the roots of your lace wig or hair piece to tip.

Hair density on a full lace wigs is completely different than the lace front wigs due to the cap construction. Each hair texture is also a factor as these hair lay differently on the cap style of your choosing. The hair type also plays a major factor in the volume desire in your lace wig purchase.

As depicted in the image (below) you will notice the gradual increase in hair density starting at 80% and gradually increasing to the standard density of 120% and so on,  in either a lace front wig, lace frontal, lace top closure, glueless wig or full lace wig. With this depiction you are seeing the gradual increase in density  for a realistic and natural looking hairline in any of Lace Frenzy Wig and Hair Extensions products. Our workshop handles all lace front wigs, full lace wigs, lace frontals, and lace closures with precision and detail to craftsman ship.

Lace Front Wigs hair density were traditionally made from 100-120% , with newer styles the new normal in lace front wigs density are most commonly in the range of 130 – 180 % or even higher, depending on the customer desired density.

Now all hair densities are not created equal for every wig wearer, as you might have seen most look overwhelming on some wig wearers. Remember you always want your hairline looking natural.


Here’s a little more in depth information on your options in  choosing the right hair density .

100% – This is 100% or “light-to medium” Normal density that offers a light airy Full head of healthy hair.

125%- This is called “medium density” which gives a very conservative and natural full head of healthy looking hair.

130% – “medium/heavy ” This is only called heavy density, because these names are derived from the ladies wig industry.  Hair density of 130% might be suitable for a woman who wants her lace wig or lace frontal hair piece to have be very full and voluminous, without being overwhelming and still consistently looking natural.

150% – This is 150% or “heavy” Nice density for a ladies wig, very full and thick, nice density for yaki textures.

180% – The 180% density is a common density for wig industry, many women like hair to look very full, and youthful, the 180% is nice density for woman.



Hair Density – By Hair Types

When purchasing by hair type , keep in mind with these factors

Brazilian, Mongolian , Peruvian  hair type are typically dense in the hair follicles. As these are normally thicker hairs.

As Indian Remy / Virgin hairs, Malaysian, Chinese Virgin  are less dense in hair follicle.



Hair Density – By Hair Textures

Also keep in mind when purchasing any hair pieces/ unit (lace wig, full lace , silk top , glueless or lace closures and or lace frontals). Basing not only the hair type, hair density but also the hair texture of choice will be one of your major factors to consider.

Hair Textures like afro kinky , kinky curly , kinky yaki textures tends to carry more volume and requires anywhere from 125-180% in density depending on your ultimate styling goals. Let’s dive deeper in understanding the hair textures and densities

Let’s say you require a Peruvian Virgin hair full lace wig , with full volume and bounce with a natural hairline. We at Lace Frenzy highly suggest sticking with anywhere from 125- 145% in density when choosing any of the following hair textures: kinky curly , Afro curly, tight curls, body curls. Choosing the proper hair length and taking note of your facial structure is also a key factor to take into consideration. As you would not want to have your lace wig or hair piece looking overwhelming  to your facial structure and just down right not natural looking. As that is the goal most if not all wig wearers and weave enthusiast attempt.

If purchasing a custom wig you can always inquire on a gradual increase in density starting with a more natural flowing and gradual increase in volume by choosing 125% towards the front (going from widows peak to crown) then gradually increasing to 130% density and up from crown to nape. Where ideally you would want the volume in hair density to increase.


Hair Density – By Lace Wig Cap Design

Lace Front Wig Cap – When purchasing a lace front wig cap the hair density will lay differently from a full lace wig, as this cap (lace front wig) is designed (as depicted below) with approximately 13×3.5 inches of lace in the front and machine weft backing.

lace front wigs




Now here’s where the density will differ from a full lace wig cap.  The lace front wig cap density is based three standard factors –

  1. Swiss lace area measuring 13×3.5″ of hand-tied and double knotted hairs
  2. Double drawn weft backing
  3. Hair texture

So if you are purchasing a medium to heavy density ( which is typically 125-130% density ) lace front wig.







Full Lace Wig Cap – When purchasing a full lace wig either silk base or glueless full lace wig cap design. These caps were crafted mostly by hand with all the hairs coming through the  commonly consumed Swiss lace cap. The hair density will be more pronounced on these styles of full lace wigs in comparison to a lace front cap design where the hair will fall differently due to the cap design (depicted below) with machine weft tracks added from crown to nape of a lace front wig , whereas this is the exception on a full lace wig cap . A full lace wig cap has freestyle parting so parting the lace wig in any desired direction is optional.

full lace wig cap lace frenzy wigs

Benefits of choosing a full lace wig cap

  1. Freestyle parting – you can part in any direction
  2. Style in very high up-do’s (stretch panel in middle)
  3. Hair density – volume will be more pronounced and lay differently from traditional lace front wig.

Now you have a little more knowledge on choosing the appropriate hair density for either lace wig or hair piece closure ( lace frontal and lace top closure).




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