About Hair Density

It may seem difficult to define the density, of your full lace wig, lace front wig , silk top full lace wig or glueless lace wig  which depends more on the
hair length and hair texture pattern (curly, deep wave, body wave , kinky curly) and so on ,  hair density starts mainly from the hair roots to the tip.

Most of Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions, in-stock lace wigs are 100%, 120%, 125% , 130% , 150% and 180% in density for full lace wig or lace front wig.


Here’s a little more in depth information on your options in  choosing the right hair density .

50% – This is 50% density, or “extra-light” This is a great density on a lace base with bleached knots. – custom made



80% – This is 80% or “light” Like real hair, it shows a fair amount of scalp but is also a good full young healthy head of hair.



100% – This is 100% or “light-to medium” Normal density that offers light airy part, Full head of healthy hair



130% -This is 130% or “medium” This is only called medium because these names are derived from the ladies wig industry. 130% is maybe okay for a woman who wants her hair to look full and voluminous





150% – This is 150% or “medium-heavy” Nice density for a ladies wig, very full and thick, nice density for yaki textures.



180% – The 180% density is a common density for wig industry, many women like hair to look very full, and youthful, the 180% is nice density for woman.


As the visual chart below displays the difference in hair density.

hair density chart



You can tell us the different density choice  in different areas. Shown as below :



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