Get Yourself An Amazing Look with Custom Celebrity Wigs

Get Yourself An Amazing Look with Custom Celebrity Wigs

Ever dreamt of having beautifully coiffed hair like today’s top celebrities like Rihanna, Tyra Banks or Taraji P. Henson without damaging your natural growing mane ? As many celebrities are wearing lace wigs themselves as seen many times on singer Beyonce’ , socialites like Kim Kardashian to actresses like Jennifer Lopez , just to graze over the vast amount of top charting actors and even athletes wearing lace front wigs and hair extensions to enhance their looks . So If  your answer is yes, then you can easily have that gorgeous styled hairdo . Simply shop for ” Custom Celebrity Wigs ” and get the hairstyle of your dreams.

With these highly desired replicated custom celebrity lace wigs, you get a customized beautifully coiffed lace wigs. Placed under precise craftsmanship production based upon the customer wig variations from the following:
1. Wig cap base
2. Wig cap size
3. Hair color
4. Hair Density
5. Double knotting
6. Hair Length * curly and wavy hair textures will appear shorter so choosing where it falls is essential see our hair length chart for better comprehension.


Ciara Afro Kinky With Highlights Custom Celebrity Lace Wig

Get Yourself An Amazing Look with Custom Celebrity Wigs

Customers will typically choose from the commonly used wig cap base styles like multi- directional silk top full lace wig cap style and the other freestyle parting option the full lace wig cap style. With these options readily available to place in the shoppers cart , you will go through by selecting the hair color choice – followed by the desired hair lengths if available the hair density or thickness. As well with the wig cap size ( your measurements are essential for proper fit).

Custom Celebrity Lace Wigs requires proper time to be fully completed. You should never hurry in the process and should wait for it to get properly done so as to avoid any issue related to it.

Rihanna - Deep Wavy - Custom Celebrity Lace Wig

Why choose custom celebrity wigs?

1. You get a desired replica of your favorite celebrity hairstyle- without the cosmetologist/ hairstyling high prices.
2. Getting a desired hair color without the possibility of damaging your own hair without the proper knowledge of after-care when drastically change your hair color.
3. Time saver option to own a custom lace wig for any last minute – special occasion/events attendance.

Naomi Campbell- Slight Wavy Handtied Bang - Custom Celebrity Lace Wig

Choosing Your Wig Cap Style

What to expect upon choosing a silk top /silk base wig cap interior design with any custom celebrity lace wig purchase from Lace Frenzy Wigs and Hair Extensions .

The silk top consists of a layer of lace and silk fabric on the top front of the cap. The knots are below the silk concealed between the layers as the hair is knotted and the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible.
The hair density of the silk top wigs start at 120% -125% standard in most of the wigs and it can go in excess of 180-200% density. It features the irreplaceable 2 layer silk wig cap at the crown and the professionals use a super fine (delicate and soft ) Swiss lace material for a totally undetectable look, to achieve the high ponytail style.


With the freestyle parting full lace wig cap design , restyling your custom wig will be an ease as well just like the silk top lace wig cap , the capabilities of high up-dos , half up half down hair-styling, center-parting is achievable. Restyling is basically endless. These full lace wigs are available in variable thickness thereby helps to create the hairstyles you want.

What’s a full Lace Wig?
Full Lace Wigs are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace allowing for style versatility including multi-directional freestyle parting and the ability to style high up dos and ponytails. Some full lace wig cap interior will have a stretch material in the middle – this gives the wig wearer the versatility to place in high up do hairstyles.


However most customers will desire other wig cap designs, it’s best recommended to seek customer service to ensure its possible with the vast lace wig interior designs in the market you( the wig wearer) will require a different option that customer service will have a better understanding of your custom lace wig order.

How to blend your custom wig with ease ?

We go back to the fore mentioned wig cap measurements- all six points is essential for proper fit .

NEVER have the lace wigs place too far down the forehead it’s very noticeable that your wearing a wig. This goes back to knowing your full wig cap measurements before making any purchase. Placing the lace at least 0.5 cm from your own hairline. As well getting the correct lace color to match ( just like choosing your favorite makeup foundation color closet to your complexion ) .

This Blend Trick Works:
For a natural look you should know how to blend the wig in with your own hair. For that, leave the front section of your hair out and put on the wig a little back on your head. This allows you to expose your natural and thus it looks the hair has grown from head natural. But make sure, you choose the right patter and lace wig texture to match with your natural hair.

Best Way To Store your unused/ unworn lace wigs

Storing in a Silk / Satin Hair Pouch
Preserving your hair extensions or full lace wigs in a silk/satin pouch during the times when you’re in between wearing them, is also an alternative way to any prevent shedding, dryness and preserves your hair units while it’s unworn. Its the best option because not only does it prevent them from drying, breaking, and tangling but you will have a longer lifespan with your lace front wigs. It’s great for keeping the lace wigs moisture locked it .

Having a mannequin head or mannequin hanger is an alternative way to place unworn wigs.

Custom Celebrity wigs gives you the best replicated lace wigs worn by top charting musicians , super-models and actors .


Bebe Rexha - Straight Bob Cut- Custom Celebrity Lace Wig

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