Get A New Hairstyle Anytime With Full Lace Wigs

Get A New Hairstyle Anytime With Full Lace Wigs

It can become really boring over time ,having the same old fixed repeated hairstyle without the availability to change your styling options or versatility in any form. If as a wig wearer you tend to   get really bored of having the same old hairstyle day in and day out, then choosing a full lace wig is the best option for you. You can gain numerous  hairstyles anytime with Full Lace Wigs because of it versatility in restyling.

Get A New Hairstyle Anytime With Full Lace Wigs

Once installed properly you can achieve any desirable look, from stylish up-dos , buns , ponytails , left or right side part / center part , half up and half down trendy styles. So for the everyday woman who likes different hair styles to accentuate her wardrobe, choose a full lace wig whether in glue-less wig cap,

Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs



Silk Top wig cap or choose from different hair textures, and hair lengths. This great advantages is due to capability of freestyle parting wig cap construction.

The core functionality of any lace-wig is to create a natural undetectable hairline while giving the wig wearer a natural appearance through the correct lace color choosing as natural hair progresses in with the great facial structure through hair density choice . Whether 120-200% hair density choices. How you wear your wig will definitely make a great difference in how authentic it appears. So the right placement of any lace wig is very crucial for a natural look.


Leah - Body Wave - Full Lace Wig


Understanding Your Hair Density

Unlike the heavily consumed hair bundles and combination lace closure hair extensions which leaves you fixed to a very small window of restyling versatility. With silk top full lace wigs , you gain a realistic scalp with hidden knots, which gives any wig wearer multi-directional styling advantages verses utilizing bundles and 13×4 inches lace frontal closures hair pieces, which limits you to one or two simple parting versatility.

Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs


With full lace wigs you are required to know your head measurements to get the proper circumferential fitting. To achieve the best fit towards your full lace wig choice one must do the following:

1. Having the knowledge of your six points measurements of your head.
2. Making sure you are measuring your head without any other hair pieces or wigs  attached.
3. To get the best sizing – braid or wrap your natural growing hair as flat as possible.
4. If you are braiding your natural hairs – ensure it’s braid as fine and neatly as possible.
5. When wrapping your natural locks- ensure no hairpins at places while measuring your head to ensure accuracy of proper fitting for your purchasing of any style of full lace wigs.



Securing or Attaching Your Full Lace Wigs

When choosing to use liquid wig glues , these adhesives will only work through trial and error, because everyone’s chemistry structure is different. One liquid wig adhesive will last 4-6 weeks for some meanwhile that same wig glue will only hold strong for 1-2 weeks for others. For first timers before committing to any liquid adhesives try wig tapes to gain understanding on the overall feel as some liquid glues are silicone base and other are very hard glues. Which can lead to skin irritation.

Suggestive Tip : Best to have scalp protector applied along your hairline, prior to apply any wig adhesives .

The other option in securing your lace wigs is requesting straps and wig combs on the interior of your full lace wigs. This is a good option for wig wearers who are allergic to wig glues and other wig tapes. Plus gives the alternative for proper natural scalp end of day care routine.

Understanding Your Hair Length Based In Curl or Wave Choice

There are misunderstanding about the  wig length based on the type of hair texture choice upon purchasing. We emphasize that our all wigs length is finished length from crown to tip. With curly and wavy wigs and bundles there is at least 1.5-2 inches of stretch in length.

Hair length chart

Hence, these are some of the important points that you must remember when buying a Full Lace Wig so that you get the one which is the most comfortable to wear and gives you a perfect look.

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