Full Thin Skin Wigs vs. Full Lace with Pu Perimeter Wigs

Full Thin Skin Wigs vs. Full Lace with Pu Perimeter Wigs

Which medical grade human hair polyurethane wig cap is the best solution for you. Here’s a few benefits and disadvantages of each kinds of uniquely crafted medical grade wigs.

What’s a Full Thin Skin Wig?

Full cranial medical grade wig are utilize to cover one’s head who have complete balding due to several medical or environmental afflictions. These medical grade wigs are crafted differently from the fashionable worn full lace wig cap.
These wigs are typically limited in stock and tends to sell out fast.

Benefits of Wearing Full Thin Skin Wigs
1. Flawless understandable wear
3. With the option to customize these full thin skin wigs you can choose from either : transparent, light brown , medium brown as well dark brown, to better blend with your complexion.
4. Capabilities to restyle in any desired hairstyle
5. Another benefit of thin skin base wigs is that the removal of adhesive residue which is much easier as you don’t have to contend with the hard work of removing excess sticky residue on the likes of a lace wig .
6. When applied properly and by a professional hairstylist the thin skin base looks exceptionally natural and provides a realistic hairline.
7. Full thin skin wigs are suitable for wig wearers  with total hair loss (whether from mild to severe alopecia (Alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles , which is where hair growth begins.

Disadvantages of Wearing Full Thin Skin Wigs?
1. Without accurate measurements, a wig wearer will face uncomfortable wear. ( measurement of one’s head is highly recommended for these wigs)
2. This wig is not recommended for wearers who have never worn thin skin wigs.
3. Utilizing hard wig bonds is not recommended, hard bonds will break the delicate polyurethane material.


Virgin Human Hair Kinky Straight Full Thin Skin Wig

What’s Full Lace Wig With Thin Skin Perimeter?

These wigs are specially crafted for circumferential hair thinning or loss of the hairline. Individuals who wear these kinds of wig caps can experience more confidence with a well define natural hairline and bouncy locks of hair. The full lace wig with thin skin perimeter is focused only at the perimeter of the wig giving a more breathable capabilities with soft Swiss lace and features a stretch panel in the middle for high ponytail hair-styling options. Human hairs are injected individual on polyurethane straps along this well crafted thin skin perimeter wig revealing the appearance of an undetectable hairline.

Kat- Loose Curls- Virgin Human Hair- Full Lace Wig w/Thin Skin

Benefits of Wearing Full Lace Wigs With Thin Skin Perimeter
1. Ease of wear for individuals affected with circumferential hairline thinning or lost.
2. Easy to restyle in virtually any kind of fashionable hair style.
3. Made with premium grade human hair
4. With natural hair color one can dye to a desired ombré hair color or request custom coloring.
5. Full lace wig with thin skin perimeter are an alternative preference for wig wearers experiencing circumferential hair loss or frontal Alopecia Areata.
6. Full body as most In stock thin skin wigs are made with full density of 130% however giving the hairline a natural appearance with the full body and bounce in the most coveted hair textures such as body wave, natural straight and more.

Disadvantages of wearing Full Lace With Thin Skin Perimeter Wigs
1. Like the full lace wigs , without accurate measurements these wigs will look unauthentic and bears an uncomfortable feel. Therefore, ensuring your head is measured correctly is the best option to achieve an undetectable appearance with this type of thin skin wig.


Key points in shopping for a Thin Skin Wig:

A) Cap Size Accuracy is Key

B) Wig Hair Density

C) Usage of the proper wig glues and hair bonding.



Custom Virgin Human Hair - Kinky Straight - Full Thin Skin Wig


Other Thin Skin Wigs can be customize with 4×4 “Silk Base (hidden knots) which gives the appearance of a realistic scalp for hairstyles like center-part or side swept partition hairstyles.
The lifespan on these units can last a wig wearer with the proper maintenance and utilization of the right hair care products, can last well over 24 months.

These units is preferred by many wig wearers afflicted with loss of hair based on a barrage of health or environmental issues but first knowledge of the type of wig cap construction is the first steps any wig wearing individual should take followed by the accurate wig wearer’s measurements with Full cranial polyurethane wigs as no stretch is crafted with these wigs.

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