Full Lace Wigs

Unbeknownst to the general population, Full Lace Wigs have been around for decades and has increasingly become more popular over the years, through  the admired red carpet celebrities and music artistes such as Janet Jackson, Tyra Banks, Beyonce , Rihanna, Gwen Stefani , Mary J. Blige, Ciara, Rita Ora, Tina Turner, Viola Davis and the list goes on . Which you can find in our Custom Celebrity Lace Wigs

Wig Cap Styles/ Wig Cap Construction

With various wig cap styles in the market such as  thin skin full wigs, which is a cap made of full pu or polyurethane ,meant to be worn by wig wearer who are either completely bald or has severe alopecia and or other health issues which has resulted to drastic hair loss. Full lace wigs also comes with thin skin around the perimeter, which gives the wig wearer more comfortable fit, and most use less adhesives with this type of wig cap. The list of variable lace wig cap styles goes on and on.

Lace Frenzy Wig’s in stock  and popular demanded cap such as our ,full lace wig cap with stretch panel in the middle which gives the wig wearer the styling option of placing the wig in a very high ponytail and other up-do styles ; to the highly demanded silk top full lace wig cap which has  4×4 inches of silk base with hidden knots , which gives the illusion of a realistic scalp most in stock silk top full lace wig caps comes with a stretch panel in the middle just as the full lace cap so each wig wearer has the styling preference of placing the wig in sophisticated up-dos and ponytails. These cap styles are best worn by seasoned wig wearers and some newbies.



There is also the newly popular Glueless Full lace Wig  and Glueless Full Lace Wig with Silk Top cap which comes with combs and adjustable straps for the wig Brazilian Spanish wave Glueless full lace wigwearer who chooses not to commit to liquid adhesives and wig tapes. This option to wig wearing gives the preference of grooming your natural growing hair.Ranging in different hair textures like tight curls, afro kinky , deep wave, body wave , yaki straight, natural straight as well silk straight and the list goes on.

Each  lace wig comes with baby hairs around the entire perimeter, for a flawless and realistic look. All of these wigs comes with freestyle parting – which unlike lace front wigs you can part in any direction and style with ease .

Egypt - Afro Curl - Full Lace Wig

Lace Frenzy Wigs & Hair Extensions carries a wide selection of full lace and silk top full lace wigs made of fine swiss lace in the standard lace colors of light brown, medium brown and dark brown laces . So no matter your complexion we will always have the right lace color for your wig purchasing needs. Made of only the best hand-picked selection of hair types such as the most popular Brazilian Virgin Hair , Malaysian Virgin Hair.

Virgin human hair full lace wigs has become a new staple in wig order preference one being so that the customer/ wig wearer seeks either the ideal volume (which the full body hair types are found in Brazilian Virgin Hair Full Lace Wigs, Mongolian , Cambodian and Chinese Virgin hair types as these are denser in texture). This hair types comes in natural unprocessed color, so coloring or ombre’ styling can be done with ease in contrast to other remy hair types which has already gone through processing.

Each full lace wig is hand made, hand-tied and double knotted for durability, less shedding and longevity.Bleached knots are done single in the front and double throughout, which give a more natural look from the root of the hair, with a flawless hair-line with the fine swiss lace. Even when wet these wigs once adhered properly will be undetected to the naked eye.

As for pricing these full lace wigs or full lace silk top wigs can run anywhere from $299 – $9K , depending on your budget and cap styling, hair color,  hair density and other requested preferences  , these lace wigs are an investment and can last you up to several months to years depending on the maintenance and proper care one gives to these wigs . These days most wig wearer like the versatility of having the option to not use liquid adhesives or a small amount of wig tape.

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