Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs

Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs

Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs

Any lace wig wearing woman / man desires, the possibility of boundless hair-styling alternatives, with either   lace front wigs  or full lace wigs. Style adaptability on these freestyle parting lace wigs, gives an individual advantages to make limitless hair styles choices, whether to style with different partitions in the front, “braided center-part” to  “left or right side” partitions and high “ponytails” or “buns. When purchasing   full silk top wigs or the ultimate choice of undetectable wear with  full thin skin wigs .  These lace wigs internal caps are designed for these exceptional styling options,  that any “wiggy” can make partitions in any given direction.

Style adaptability: Additionally, due to the these unique internal wig construction, you can part your hair anyplace you need without stressing that an ugly base will be obvious to other individuals. Freestyle Parting simply means “the wig wearer, can move the hairs freely and make multi-directional partitions”.Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs

Freestyle Parting Lace wigs advantages :

-Ease in re-styling from a center-part , side part hairstyles.
-High ponytail/ high bun up-dos
-Great ventilation
-One can style hairs in any desired fashionable look.
-Style Adaptability

Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs


Which Wigs Gives The Best Freestyle Parting?

Full Lace Wigs – As with all full lace wigs, there many considerable variations to these inner wig Cap construction , some of which include: stretch in the middle ( mostly in-stock wigs) give the wearer more room to have the wig styled in a very high bun. Full lace wigs with stretch from ear to ear has a stretch panel (elasticated lace) that runs from each ear across the wig, with the rest of the lace wig cap being made from lace. With the Swiss lace material hand-tied and double knotted for security and the longevity of each strand of hair.

October- Straight - Chinese Virgin Hair - Full Lace Wig

Silk Top Full Lace Wigs , can give you endless hair styling options with one the highest undetectable wear . With its 4X4 inches -5X5 inches (where stock availability applies), makes these freestyle ventilated unit highly undetectable wear.


Full Thin Skin Wigs – Full thin skin caps allows you to part your hair from the front to the back and the base will look like your scalp. When placed directly against your own skin, thin skin is very smooth, less visually detectable, durable and virtually undetectable to touch. The thin polyurethane material is ventilated by hand, using a looping technique so the hairs will stay secure longer. Because hairs are not knotted but injected into the thin skin material, there are no appearance of knots on your Ge entire wig, the hairs appears to be growing right out of the scalp and gives the illusion of skin.

All Silk Base Lace Front Wigs are made with an overlay of fine silk used to cover the knots in the lace unit in the front portion where you do most of your parting leaving a realistic looking scalp. Hidden knots are placed to make your parting more natural with an undetectable hairline – even when wet and pulled back.



There is a wide range of Freestyle Parting Lace Wigs that you can look over and a standout among the most well known is the silk top full lace wig.Lynnette - Natural Wavy Bob Style- Brazilian Virgin Human Hair - Lace Front Wig

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