Enhance Your Hairstyle With Ponytail Hair Extensions

Enhance Your Hairstyle With Ponytail Hair Extensions

Enhancing one’s hairstyle through adding ponytail extensions will give you a sleek up-do . The trendy hairstyle is one of the most preferred hair-do during summer months when most woman are seeking a low maintenance hairstyle . By owning a ponytail hair extensions , gives any hair extension enthusiast an easy fashionable and trendy style.  You can easily transition from a work day appearance with a low style pony to a sleek high ponytail .

Though some women will seek bolder hues, therefore they will lean towards synthetic fibers ponytail hair extensions which are conveniently lower priced hair extensions. However, investing in human hair ponytail hair extension is essentially a preferable option in your hair extension purchasing needs.With these premium grade human hair ponytail extensions  an individual can create endless re-styling hair-dos, by utilizing either non-heat styling tools from flex rods – hair rollers ; or heated hair-styling tools like flat irons , curling irons and curling wands.

Enhance Your Hairstyle With Ponytail Hair Extensions

With human hairs you gain a longer lifespan with your hair extensions, whether in between wearing any full lace wigs or hair extension bundles, having one textured hairstyle will become boring after an extended period of wear to the common weave enthusiast, where as having human hair extensions you can change your hair style through utilizing hair curling tools or visiting a well versed hair professional stylist ( which is highly recommended ) , to restyle your hair pieces.

Virgin Human Hair - Deep Wave - Ponytail Hair Extension

More over these fashionable hair pieces has trended through the likes of  many musicians and other celebrities from Janet Jackson, Ciara, Rihanna and Arianna Grande to name a few .These timeless yet irreplaceable hair pieces can save you time towards any short notice event appearance or for a minimalist hair-do. From bold hues , hair textures and length.



There are two types of hair material used to create a ponytail extension from synthetic and Virgin grade or Remy human hairs. Synthetic hairs are used to add high fashion hair colors like red, blues and pinks. Since, human hairs are naturally stronger and come in different texture & hair grades. Typically, Virgin human hairs are considered to high-quality hairs and retains a longer lifespan.

Wearing Your Ponytail In Different Hairstyles

Ponytail hair extensions are a great D-I-Y option for any season or event , it’s great to have in your hair piece collection, whether for a last minute hairstyle change or just for a sleeker style during warmer weather season all the while staying fashionable and stylish.With any given hair texture you can place your ponytail hair piece in different levels or point of one’s head to enhance your hairstyle.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle: Great for evening networking and workflow hairstyle

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle: Having any unique braid pattern while attaching your ponytail hair piece for added flair.

High Ponytail Hairstyle: Add glam to with the desired hair texture from wavy, curly or straight ponytail hair piece in a very high sleek sides.



Going with a up-do hairstyle by utilizing ponytail hair extensions will give one a chic hairstyle, breathable weaving option.

Tools Required To Style Your Ponytail Hair Extensions :

1. Ponytail hair extension
2. Hair Brush / Tail-comb
3. Hair Gel /Holding Pomade
4. Head Scarf
5. Mist ( holding spray- optional)


Placing Your Ponytail Hair Extensions

Whether you place your ponytail in a very high sweep bun or have it placed in a mid level pony hair style, here’s a quick glimpse at what to do with this D-I-Y hair extension.

1. Start by treating your scalp
2. Brush your hair to the desired level , gathering all your natural hair in one then place a scrunchy/hair rubber band.
3. Apply styling holding gel (optional)
4. Place your ponytail hair extension in and secure it either by its drawstring or Velcro wrap around adjustable straps.
5. Finish with a simple mist
6. If desired for extra hold : wrap around head scarf to hold your style in place until you are ready to step out for your event.



Choosing Your Ponytail Hair Extensions Closure Types: With about three popular securing closures for your ponytail extension from claw closure, wrap-around style with Velcro closure and the original drawstring closure. These closure are garnered toward the weave wearer’s comfort level , each has one to two small combs on the base to fit within your natural hairs with the exception of the claw clasp closure ponytail extension.



Virgin Human Hair - Natural Wave- Drawstring Ponytail
Drawstring closure


Claw Ponytail Closure



Wrap-around ponytail closure

Choice of Hair Extensions: These are available in multiple colors and hair lengths, with different quality of human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair are more natural and easily blends well with one’s natural hair while the synthetic hairs are difficult to blend naturally with one’s hair without looking faux when applied. The synthetic hair extensions are more widely available and at more affordable prices than the human hair extensions. If you go for human virgin hair, you have a hair extension that is not treated with any chemicals, heated irons or hair care products.

Hair Colors and Textures of Hair Extensions: Picking up the one that suits you from the variety of hair colors and hair textures that you have before your eyes becomes confusing as all are equally likeable. You can have straight, curled, wavy or bouncy hair with colors ranging from a very light blonde to dark black. Every hair extension manufacturer has their own range of products that you can wear to transform your fine or thinning hair to a look of healthy glamour.


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