Easy Styles with Chic Non-Lace Machine Made Wigs

Made for easy styling, less time consumption – The chic non-lace wig approach is gaining trend in the hair market .

 Machine Made Wigs are an affordable alternative to a full lace wigs. Our Machine Made Wigs are made by machine wefts with intricate ventilated wig cap. Most of these wigs are pre-styled in a variety of  short and sassy boy cut styles, that comes in asymmetrical cut hair lengths starting at 6-8 inches. These machine made wigs are an ideal quick weaving option for everyday wear , special occasions and even great option for the summer months.

Seen on some of today’s well- talked about celebrities like Rhianna , Ciara and others wearing shorter wigs.

As warmer weather approaches, some wig wearers will lean towards medium length wigs and shorter crop styled wigs like those of our machine made wigs collection. Even when you’re not sure of a major hair cut or style change these wigs are great options.

Just like Glueless wigs , machine made wigs are made up of adjustable strap in the back and machine wefts sewn onto a unique ventilated mesh wig cap designed with combs inside for secure fit. The non lace wigs are made with Indian Remy Human Hair and Brazilian Human Hairs.


Jinx - Asymmetrical Boy Cut - Machine Made Wig


– They’re practically easy to wear with adjustable straps and combs for secure fitting. ( as shown below)
– Easy to maintain : These wigs can also be washed using sulfate free wig shampoos and conditioners

– Requires absolutely No messy wig tapes  or liquid wig glues , no got2bglue whatsoever !
– Great for protective hairstyle : Ability to care your natural hair regularly.
– Light weight
– Great for very busy women with limited time to curl and style longer hair wigs . Just Shake and go !
– Best for those who aren’t familiar with wigs.

– Great for when you’re indecisive on a major chop/ change of style of your natural hair –
– Priced conveniently for budget conscious shoppers


  • Those individuals allergic to possible reaction to lace wig glues and other wig tapes
  • Individuals prefers “shake and go” short boy cut styles verses longer style wigs
  • Those looking for less time consuming wigs to style and continue with their busy schedules

So , it’s virtually easy to style these chic boy cut non lace machine made wigs.


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