She always thought she had her emotions in control, developing tolerance from annoyance, for nothing could bother her. Yet, she was put to a trial of patience when she got a hair cut in expectation of a new look but then missed her long hair. Her desire for hair extension was clearly visible on her face, when she met me in the market and shared her grievance. She was jealous of all other ladies there, who had long hair and flaunted them in the street.

There was one perfect solution for her grievance – hair extensions. These are exceptional products to quickly add volume and length to the hair, concealing the shortcomings of the original hair on the scalp such as thin growth or short length. These are available as clip in one piece hair extensions that could be worn directly as a cap or as tape hair extensions that could be stuck to the parting.

Crimson Red - Straight- 40Pcs -Double Drawn Tape-In Hair Extension

These are DIY (do it yourself) applications that you can implement yourself and get the desired hair length in a few minutes.
Like the hair wigs, these are available in human hair as well as synthetic hair, the former one being more expensive than the latter one.
The hair extensions have various hair textures such as straight, curls, waves, braids etc., providing a wide range of choices for you.

Even the hair extensions come in various colours – black, brown, golden, crimson red, pink, blue, etc. and few of them have the capability of being colored as well.
They have a good life span depending upon the care that is offered to them. They can easily last for 12 to 24 months, without any wear and tear.

The hair extensions can be shredded as in to give a proper shape of the hair cut as and when desired so that they do not go wild.
While she was looking to get them as early as possible, multiple websites had multiple options. It took her time to shortlist the hair extension she wanted but once they were delivered, she was a bit relaxed. We quickly tried to attach them to her scalp and see the change in look. The results were appreciable, as we had expected.

After a few months, when she gained a bit of length and volume of her natural hair, she began using these hair extensions as highlights in between her hair and I was amazed at the durability these hair extensions had. They were the same in texture and color since the time she ordered them and hardly could anyone predict that it were not her natural hair. Many ladies out there envied her now.

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