Creative Freedom With Hair Extensions

Hair styling is a freedom of expression especially with Hair extensions which can be a lifesaver making the individual  wearer hair style virtually natural looking and undetected to the naked eye. By placing the hair extension properly without harming your natural hair. Most tend to believe having healthy hair – they don’t need to wear a weave , however once you are maintaining proper healthy care to your natural grow hair – you can always wear hair extensions in between styling your own natural hair or just for any given special occasion.

Hair extensions enable people to change the thickness, style, along with the length of their hair without the long wait in-between cuts. Extensions, offer a simple solution to fine , short hair and can extend the length of the hair. Be it a curly, wavy or straight hair textures you can get any type based on your liking.

The good thing about hair extensions is you can transform your hair from short , medium and long lengths with vivacious and striking color enhancement done with the application of hair extension.


Whether you’re choosing from :

– machine weft bundles

– hand-tied wefts

– keratin tip hair (shown above)

– braid-in bundles

– clip-in hair

– tape-in hair

– halo / flip-in hair

– One piece clip-in hair

–  Ponytail

There is a cheat code here. You can always quickly use Clip-In One-Piece hair extensions that come with a straight or contoured band similitude to the individual clip in hair extensions pre made in 7-14pieces . That virtually installs in minutes, versus the machine weft bundles that required one to sew track to weaving nets over your natural braided hair.

You might gain the most helpful insight from a hair professional if unsure where to start or which one to best make your hair styling experience outstanding.

Maintenance of your Hair Extensions

Maintenance of your hair bundles and other hair pieces and lace wigs  : Are not created equal -EVERY hair care product  on the market are not deemed equal to every texture, especially if you decide on coloring your hair pieces (Ombre’ Sombre’ or otherwise any coloring). Always use products to keep the longevity of your color treated units and hair pieces.

Taking proper care of your invested Hair Extensions and or Lace wigs are required to sustain the longevity of the hairs color , hair texture and luster. With a several online and offline recommendations for the right hair products – most consumers will find a brain overload on the amount of products you may think you need to maintain youthful healthy hair. The “less is more approach” is normally the best foot forward .

You should always take proper care your investment in human hair extensions and wigs as if it your own natural growing lock of hair.

Kinky Curly / Afro Kinky / Yaki /Kinky Straight Textures

  • Moisture- is the key to maintaining the longevity of your hair extensions and other hair pieces  in these hair textures.
  • Styling with your fingers and a VERY Wide tooth comb to aide any post wash detangling.
  • Deep conditioning and moisture locking hair products are recommended.

Body Wave / Deep Wave / Water Wave

  • Leave- In Conditioners to lock-in ( seal) moisture to the hair follicles.
  • Using Light Serums are great to give luster and natural shine. Not overly greasy look.

Colored Hair Extensions and Wigs

  • It’s highly recommended to stick with color treated hair products ( shampoos and deep conditioning products). This will keep your pre-colored hair pieces color longevity and vitality. Keeping the hair color bold and bright.

Whether you’re using extensions to improve your hair by adding length , boosting hair color through getting hair extension that suits your style. They offer a wide array of flexibility such as easy attaching and detaching, highlight hair with different color hair, varying the length of hair etc. Hair extension is a great way to boost your self-esteem and give new looks to your hair and the creative freedoms with hair extensions are endless.

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