Create an Alter Ego With Lace Wigs

Creating an Alter Ego with Lace Wigs

Nowadays, wig wearing is no longer a well kept secret. Now women and men alike,  from  top celebrities to the average everyday woman, can enhance their look whether covering hair loss or simply having several wig options as a part of their hair collection of accessories to boast with an outfit for any given occasion. Lace wigs are considered the new fashion accessory piece.

We all know – hair is an important part of one’s personality and can easily contribute as a confidence booster to its wearer. Especially for one who suffers hair loss due to stress or health related issues.

Wigs are the type of hair extensions that not only work tremendously to enhance the look of a person but also a good gift for those who wish to be creative with their look and want to look incredibly different in their day to day life. The best thing about wigs is that they are available in endless choice so that one may easily find the certain style that may perfectly suit to your taste and persona. Creating a suitable alter ego for that day or special event.

You can get synthetic wigs or Heat Safe Lace Front Wigs based at a cheaper price point, where you can select from a wide variety of hair colors without the commitment of changing your natural hair color or damaging your own hair. On the contrary, the human hair wigs feature a more realistic look and lasts comparatively longer but can be more expensive, if on a tight budget.

Taylor - Two Toned - Loose Body Curl - Lace Front Wig

When you need to go with a shorter look or a “boy-cut styled wig Machine made wigs are a great alternative. With its sassy yet chic crop cut you can maintain a budget and still be fashionable at the same time.
Machine Made wigs requires no tapes or glues- these wig caps are breathable as well majority are made with human hairs.

Full lace wigs gives you the versatility for high up dos are freedom to part your wig in any direction- this feature is called “freestyle parting”.

With Glueless Lace Wigs you basically gain similar styling option however due to the inner wig Cap construction you are only able to style in a mid level bun or ponytail style. But these options varies one the consumers choice in Wig style and the styling capabilities.

Silk top wigs give an hidden incentive where there is an approximate 4×4 inches of silk base with hidden knots – which gives any observer the illusion of a realistic scalp. These kinds of wigs are also constructed in several wig caps such as the popularly known :

Glueless silk top wigs

Silk top full lace wigs

jackie body wave brazilian virgin hair silk top full lace wig

Silk base lace front wigs

Evette - 12 Inches - Bob Styled Brazilian Virgin Hair- Silk Base Lace Front Wig


Jewish wigs



Carolotta - Straight Brazilian Hair Small Layer Jewish Wig

So as you can image , there are many choices out there to alter you ego with wigs or simply jazz up your outfit by accessorizing with any given wig of your choice, with the bonus of never committing to one hair style or hair color.

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