Comfortable Wear With 360 Frontal Wigs

360 frontal

Comfortable Wear With 360 Frontal Wigs

Every wig wearing woman/man desires the ultimate eye-catching, head turning hair style, with the added bonus of comfort when choosing to wear any wig for a duration of time, without the embarrassing moments of weft exposure or an uneven looking wig .To the very least the ultimate request is to have  undetectable wear and the capabilities to treat their natural hair and scalp. A solution to these requirements are the 360 Frontal Wigs, it gives any “wiggy” / wig enthusiast several comfortable options. With a secure, comfortable snug fit from it’s anatomic arc wig cap design, these 360 wigs are great for up-do styling, ponytail hairstyles or wearing it in practical any hair style imaged with it’s circumferential free styled parting.

The evolution of 360 lace frontal hair pieces as gained great momentum since early 2016, and with it’s latest advancements for the 360 Band Lace Frontal Collection. To date  360 Frontal Wigs has gained more shoppers demand, due to the less time consumption in styling, even with these great option of having less need to no requirements to use wig glues or wig tapes to wear these frontal wigs.  Its a great saver from the daunting task of  braiding one’s natural hair, sewing with needle and thread ; these 360 wigs are made for wig wearers who aren’t well versed in sewing bundles or those with limited time for seating 8 hours at the hair salon for preparing ideal hair  styling . Designed with the same standards as a 360 band lace frontal the 360 wigs have the adequate bundles already installed.  As illustrated below : They give the illusion of a full lace wig but it’s the newest trend to these widely  consumed lace frontal line of products.

Benefits of Wearing 360 Frontal Wigs

  • Snug and Secure fit with 4 combs on the inside of this unique designed wig cap
  • Great lifespan – upon good maintenance / care these 360 wigs last up to 12 months or more
  • Capabilities to treat your natural growing hairs and scalp either on a daily basis or weekly
  • Soft Swiss lace material
  • Less need to utilize wig tapes or wig adhesive glues
  • Less time consumption for preparation on wearing these wigs
  • Saves time on sewing  – best for individuals who don’t know how to “sew-in” wefts (it’s already sewn in for you)
  • Availability in various hair textures from yaki straight to deep curly and ombre’ colors
  • Natural hairline

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair -Deep Wavy - 360 Frontal Wig


Silk Base 360 Frontal Wigs

With the increasing request of these designed silk top / Silk Base 360 Frontal Wigs give the wig wearer all the above mentioned benefits of 360 wig, with the advantages of hidden knots with a multi directional realistic scalp illusion. This new hair-styling product gives ladies the capabilities to  achieve those high ponytail styles with their wefts installed with these new silk base 360 frontal wigs with the added bonus of a realistic scalp.

Virgin Human Hair Straight Silk Base 360 Frontal Wig Designed with the same standards as a 360 band lace frontal the silk top / silk base 360 frontal wigs have the adequate bundles already installed.


Be it wigs or hair extensions or even hair pieces, these products always witness change with the improving technology and trending fashion, that is why they are always updated and improved for the good. And the innovation always results in products which are more comfortable, more natural and realistic looking.

Indian Remy Hair - Light Yaki - 360 Frontal with 2 Bundles

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