Clip-In Hair Extensions

Whenever you want to enhance your look without wearing a lace wig, the next best option is clip-in hair extensions,  they’re ideal for adding length, spicing up your style with some contrasting color and giving you some volume.

With just a few clicks and snaps of a clip-in hair piece you’ve immediately transformed your look, by instantly adding color, volume and length.
The great advantage about clip ons or clip-in hair extensions “as they are popularly known in the market”, is that you can buy them in virtually any color, texture, density as well as length. From remy/virgin human hair to heat safe synthetic hair.
So whether it’s to enhance your hair length or add a change in hair color by adding a one piece or few pieces of clip-in hair extension to simply give your hair style a fuller look with additional extensions that match your own hair then clip in hair extensions are the way to go.

How to install clip- in hair extensions?


Clip-In hair extensions are like ordinary hair weaving wefts with the addition of a small clip at the top. Each weft can be anything from an inch to six inches in length with several clips to hold the hair in place.
The great incentive to these clip-in hair extensions are you’ll never need to go to a  hair salon or hire a stylist to install them; you can do them by yourself , its the DIY approach to hair extensions.

Follow this easy to install – D-I-Y 3 Steps instruction:
1 – Section your hair – to the desired location of where you will install the clip-in hair extension – keeping the clip open facing your scalp or for more comfortable approach you can make a very thin braid (be sure it’s as flat as possible) going across and clip-in the hair piece.
2 – Gather a small section of your own hair under the clip then snap the clip into place
3 – Repeat until you achieve the desired look.




How Long Can You Leave Them In?

The sensible approach is to NEVER sleep with your clip-in hair extensions, so it’s recommended to take them down at night and as it’s very easy to re-install by just snapping them back in the next day…


Clip-In Hair Extensions Break Down

A vast majority of consumers will opt for the traditional 7 pieces, 8 pieces , 9 pieces  and or 10 pieces clip-in hair extensions. Due to the variation of widths with these different clip in hair pieces, as they can choose to add several or just a few pieces to add the desired volume, length  or hue to their desired style.

Clip-in hair extensions are also available in multi width set pieces : usually starting from seven pieces up to 14 piece sets, based on the consumer desire to customize. With a wide array of hair textures from Afro Kinky , Kinky Straight , Silk Straight, Natural Wave , Natural Straight , Deep Wave etc..


Below gives a basic idea of how a 8pcs/piece set clip in hair extensions will be packaged, however the customer can also arrange these set pieces to their requirement :

  • 1x 8″wide w/ 4 clips
  • 1x 7″ wide w/ 4 clips
  • 2x 6″ wide w/ 3 clips
  • 4x 2″ wide w/ 1 clip

Each weft of the these clip-in hair extensions are double weft-ed.


A newly trending styling option to the clip-in or clip on hair extension market  one piece clip on or clip-in hair extensions.The weft size ranges in width from approximately (1 inch) 2.5cm for the temples to 23cm (9 inches) for the back of the head or ear to ear. A one piece clip on hair extension can be customized to add more density upon request.

one-piece-clip-in-hair-extension-banner-1 one piece clip-in hair extensions

Body Curl - Grade 8A Virgin Hair - Double Drawn - One Piece Clip-in Hair Extension


Human Hair vs.  Synthetic Hair Clip-In Extensions

There’s a wider variety of colors for synthetic clip in extensions so that may sway your decision plus they are more price conscious.
However, Human hair has the greater benefit of being treated like your own hair! You can curl it, straighten it, blow dry it; it’s up to you, and the lifespan is much longer than synthetic clip ins.

Heat resistant synthetic clip-in hair extensions are limited in styling options even- though they have a wider variation of hair color choices verses the human hair clip-in hair extensions.

How Do I Care For Clip In Human Hair Extensions?

Whether two toned/ombre colored , or  even natural color the key to maintaining your human hair clip-in hair extensions is “moister”.

Human hair extensions and or lace wigs needs adequate moisture this is one of the key elements to sustaining longevity by keeping them in good condition and preventing the hair from becoming brittle and dry. All human hair extensions and other hair pieces needs the proper moisture in order to maintain it’s elasticity and prevent the hairs from forming split ends or breaking. Each consumer has to keep in mind that you will need to care for your human hair pieces just the same as you would your own growing hair.

Avoiding harsh and abrasive heat, moisturize daily or every 2-3 days with a light serums, if color treated – it’s best to stick to only color treated hair line products (shampoos and conditioners), this will keep the luster and longevity of your color treated hair extensions.
Caring for clip in human hair extensions is about using the proper styling products and tools that will keep the hair healthy and preserve the lifespan. You can have your human hair clip-in or clip on hair extension last more than 24 months depending on the proper care. It might be easier to think about maintaining human hair clip-in extensions (and all types of human hair extensions and wigs for that matter) as three different areas; daily styling; weekly washing; and nourishing (oils and conditioners).

NEVER smother your hair pieces with oils or lotions ! Frequent use over a long period of time will ultimately damage the hair… Prolonged and frequent use of heat styling tools can end up distorting or damaging the wave or curl pattern,and over time, frequent heat styling (dryers and irons) weakens the hair (damages) the hair and shorten its lifespan.

Now that you’re informed go and shop our online store – clip-in hair extensions




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