Choosing The Right Wig

Choosing The Right Wig

When it comes to making a lace wig purchase the hair market can become complex and confusing to a newcomer . Knowing that not every lace wig worn by other women however glamorous it may look on them, may not be the best suitable wig option for your individual needs or styling requirements .

When choosing the right lace wig whether it be full lace wigs or custom full lace wigs isn’t as perplexing as one might have thought initially. With the expanding wig market hair pieces and other lace wigs has gained momentum through  popular  trends in hair styling options and ombré hues displayed throughout social media influencers on Instagram and YouTube and adorned celebrities wearing these highly coveted hair extensions / virgin human hair bundles to full lace wigs and other hair pieces. With a few simple knowledge base tools you too, will be able to select your own beautifully coiffed lace front wig.


Let’s start with wig cap size :

You should always know your full wig cap measurements prior to buying a silk top full lace wig, knowing ones wig measurements gives the best optimal fitting and undetectable wear of any lace wig. All lace wigs are based on six different measurements (shown below). To achieve the best fit, you should use a measuring tape ( similar to the image below) ,going around one’s head to find out your circumferential sizing. This is how you will know whether you lace wig cap size is either a Small, Medium or Large.


It’s best to measure your head approximately 2-3 times to ensure the correct sizing. Having knowledge of your wig size are ideally great  when shopping for a custom celebrity lace wigs replica or any other wigs like custom full thin skin wigs. As these require all six measurements to ensure your custom wig fits precisely.

How To Measure Your Head


Undetectable wear is best based on the lace color ! Whether choosing  lace front wigs , glueless full lace wigs or any other lace material wigs to get optimal undetectable wear choose a lace color as close as possible to your complexion. Like Wow ! – how easy is that?  Many have seen on YouTube using foundation/liquid make-up to blend (not hygienically sound) , which will lead to adverse affects to your skin from break-outs and other issues.

Lace colors range from : Transparent , Light Brown , Medium Brown and Dark Brown colors. As shown in the lace color chart below to get a better understanding :

lace color chart

Choosing Your Wig Cap Style

The “Glueless” Options are very vast  from Machine Made Wigs , Glueless Full Lace Wigs, also with the option to add combs and clips inside  Silk Top Full Lace Wigs

It simply means you are choosing the option to either not use wig tapes or liquid adhesives. But at times you can use a small amount of wig tapes if your styling your wigs in an “off-the-face” hair-style.  Going with a glueless wig option – could be best solution for protective hair-styling – one can style and treat their natural hair.

Machine Made Wig – Are made with Indian Remy and virgin human hairs by machine featuring combs and adjustable straps. Mostly pre-styled in short boy- cut hair styles.

Glueless Full Lace Wig – An individual will wear this style of cap style only when they are deciding to have limited styling option with this type of wig cap. These style of wig cap comes with combs and adjustable straps inside. But one can not put in a high up-dos.



Always start with the wig cap base style firstly for comfort, be sure to measure your head to get the accurate wig cap size for undetectable wear, followed by choosing the best lace color to blend with your complexion. Now you can select the hair texture of your choice and hair color followed by the desired hair length.



Brazilian Virgin Human Hair #613 Body Wave 360 Frontal Wig


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